Trafficwave Training Area

Trafficwave Training Area

toolboxThis Page is where you will find links to the different training topics and information. The idea for this page is to provide ways for team members to learn how to do something in particular and also have a reference to check back on later.

Of course, this training area is mostly focussed towards anything that helps us get set up and learn more about managing our TrafficWave businesses.

There will be some training included on getting traffic, where to advertise, like what are the best places etc and what kind of advertising brings the best results. Pretty much anything really, that helps team members get into the nuts and bolts of things and get ahead with their earning online.

Information that you may wish to learn more about can be requested and could be added at a later date. Talk with your upline if you would like to see something on here.


How to make a Coinpressions2 splash page  – Youtube Video
(The graphics shown in the video are available free to GDI team members to use by request)

How To Build A Splash Page On Our GDI Website   – Youtube Video

How and why to use pretty links on a wordpress site   –  Youtube Video

How to change GDI hosted names  –  Youtube Video


Our Team Youtube Channel is HERE and likes and subscribes would be much appreciated 🙂


Basic Traffic Source For Splash Pages

This training post will guide you in setting up a basic traffic source to use for splash pages and Traffic Co-ops.


How to get unlimited banner advertising working for you

Learn a few ways our members are getting thousands of banner ads working for them every week -24/7


How to get quality traffic to your website

Learn how to get quality traffic to your website from the top 25 best converting traffic sites and start getting results quickly!



Some areas that will possibly be included soon.

How to setup a basic wordpress site (on GDI hosting)

How to backup your wordpress website

This page will be updated quite often, so be sure to check back later.




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