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Refer three people and trafficwave is free

Get Three And Your TrafficWave Membership Is FREE!

Get Three And Your TrafficWave Membership Is FREE!

Make Money Online With Trafficwave

Get three and your TrafficWave membership is FREE!


For many people, the low cost of Trafficwave to use all of its wonderful services makes it truly a winner. Even better, if you refer three people, your entire system and services are FREE! When you compare TW to other similar services, it is not hard to see why more and more people are switching to take full advantage of the cost saving and useful features.

When you first start out as a TrafficWave affiliate, your first priority is to build up your list, organise and manage it, and then find a way to profit from it. Having your own email marketing list is of paramount importance, as just about anyone online will tell you these days. During that time, or after if it is more convenient time wise, your next goal is to refer others.

Referring others with a TrafficWave AutoResponder system and targeted campaign and capture page will allow you to do a few very powerful things. First, it is another way to build an additional income stream.  You will earn fast track bonuses for every new paid signup you get and of course the ongoing residual monthly commissions you earn. You can see more about all of that in the TrafficWave Affiliate Plan post, where it explains it all.

Second, you can reach out to new members in your team and help them get set up and answer their questions. Spend some time with them explaining how things work and seeing that they understand everything very well. Be helpful in everyway possible, so they feel comfortable and confident they are in the right place. You want them to stay longterm. It is vital they feel they have all the information and knowledge they need to go out and replicate all of this with new people they bring in!

And completing that step correctly is the great part, as they will then be out there building their team AND yours at the same time! Of course it is really cool when this happens after you have reached the 'get 3, and yours is free' stage. 🙂

A fun part is that you can build that additional income stream through referrals without taking your focus away from your primary business. Build your list.. build your list .. build your... you get the idea.


Make Money Online With Trafficwave

The Trafficwave Simple Business System

You can see an alternate way some people choose to promote and build an online business here. It is with the Trafficwave Simple Business System. In addition to that method, we have a bridge page here which leads to a landing page here with team leader Chase Swift giving an overview of this opportunity.

Trafficwave For Profit Landing Pages

These pages are free to use for our paid team members and will have your own links built into them. Contact your sponsor to get your ones made.


Taking Action To Build Your Trafficwave Team

TW has all of these powerful tools available to you and you should be using them to the best of your ability. You can get email marketing to work for you in your business by building and managing your subscriber lists. Sending updates, making announcements, promoting special offers, giving away coupons, giving valuable information in newsletters etc, these are all great ways of connecting with your subscribers.

Don't forget about how powerful the built in AdTracker system is, to track the click-throughs of your online ad campaigns. This valuable information helps give you an overview of where your best results are coming from. This in turn lets you know where to spend your precious time and money on ad campaigns to get the best results.

It is logical to think that other businesses and entrepreneurs would be very happy to use these powerful tools too, right? These tools would be a huge benefit in helping them grow their business as well. This is your opportunity, where you show these businesses how to use these same tools and how they can build and manage their own lists, send out their offers and important information, track their results and so much more. For every one of those customers you refer to TW through your Affiliate link, cha-ching! You are going to get paid.

Get 3, and yours is FREE

It is not too difficult for you to quickly get to the break even point with your account. This 'Break even' point just means you are making enough in commissions coming in to cover your monthly subscription fee. When you have 3 referrals, they will fill your first level in the 3×10 Matrix system. You get paid $6 for each of them, so you will have $18 and that will cover the $17.95 monthly fee. Your entire email marketing system will be absolutely free!

Just let that sink in. Unlimited campaigns, unlimited subscribers, unlimited banner advertising, unlimited tracking.. all FREE.

When you continue referring new users to TrafficWave, you then begin generating monthly profits. This is in addition to whatever the revenue could be that you can generate from your primary business, your list building. You also continue to teach your referrals to do the same as you are doing, and your income can steadily grow to a significant level. That’s the power of leverage and  internet marketing!


Get started in Trafficwave today!

join TrafficWave for profit

NOTE: If you were referred to this site by an existing Trafficwave For Profit team member, please ask them for their referral link and join under them.

Be sure to choose to signup as a paid member as opposed to the 30 free trial so you can get into profit quickly.


How do you actually generate TrafficWave referrals in the first place?

Below I have listed a few ideas for you to get started with.

I would have to say many people are actively trying to or are wanting to build a list. What if you could show them a capture page for the 30 minute challenge, which allows prospects to see how they could be building their list and attracting referrals at the same time? Do you think they would be interested? Yes, some of them will be. As a team member of our group, TrafficWave for Profit, you can find out how to get a campaign with a full series of followup letters and a capture page completely free.

trafficwave 30 minute list building challenge

Click to see the basic capture page you get with the 30 Minute List Building Challenge Campaign.


There are newer video capture pages currently being developed. These will further allow you to attract more visitors. The visitors that join your list (through your embedded link in the capture page) will over a set time receive letters explaining all of the benefits of TrafficWave. Benefits such as building a list, having access to all the various great tools and campaigns and the ability to get all of this for free - 'get 3 and your's is FREE'.

They get to try out the TW system fully for 30 days and of course some of them are going to want to join with you. This is where you step in and support them as mentioned above.

NOTE: We have a whole new Trafficwave autoresponder campaign with accompanying landing pages coming soon. These are all being purposely built to promote Trafficwave and our partnered money making offer at the same time. This should help the growth of our team considerably because members will have a very real opportunity for generating true passive income. Watch this space!!


Other methods could involve you adding a link, a banner, or button banner, whatever you choose, into your web page. You can try making a recommendation and providing information as to why. These of course will have a link back to your TW affiliate site or capture page, as above.

If you have a blog, try writing a quick article or review on how you use this system. List a little on how this benefits your business and how you utilize all of the tools available. List some of the features. Don't forget to include a link or two back to your affiliate site.

If you have newsletters, any kind of offers or announcements that you regularly send out to your lists, you could include a brief recommendation and link back to your affiliate site. Some people even add an eye catching small text at the bottom containing their link. It can be a surprisingly effective way of getting clicks to your site (you can set up a tracking link to do this for you).

On popular social networking sites, try recommending your autoresponder system and link back to your affiliate site. Many people do this, but it doesn't mean you can't do it too.

Are you involved in any webinars? Is it possible to mention your autoresponder system as a recommended resource without making it sound too spammy?.

Do you write articles for any other websites? You could write many kinds of articles here, it would be up to you. For example, something on how an autoresponder and ad tracking used properly could help you get a lot more results. Your link to your affiliate site would be placed strategically in there.

If you still conduct a lot of your business offline, talk to other business owners or managers etc. Politely ask them if they’d be interested in a system that helps generate new targeted prospects. Tell them about how it can be used to convert those prospects in to customers and then you can share your affiliate link with them.

So these are some of the ways you can go about generating TrafficWave referrals. Pretty much they all boil down to letting people know that the best autoresponder system and services can be found in TrafficWave. Promoting your affiliate link isn’t something that you need to spend a lot of time on. We already know how good the system is. You just have to remember you are not 'trying too hard' to sell this. You dont have to. Just present all of the wonderful features and let the people decide for themselves.

Be consistent with your efforts, even a few minutes a day can be effective with focused promotions. As you continue to show businesses how they can benefit from using email marketing, many will decide to take advantage of the free 30 day trial and get started. This will lead to you having a steady source of leads and referrals you can work with. Your affiliate income will continue to grow.

Set yourself your first goal and achieve it - 'Get three, and your Trafficwave is free' and then the sky is the limit.


Get started in Trafficwave today!

join TrafficWave for profit

NOTE: If you were referred to this site by an existing Trafficwave For Profit team member, please ask them for their referral link and join under them.

Be sure to choose to signup as a paid member as opposed to the 30 free trial so you can get into profit quickly.






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Make Money Online With Trafficwave
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How to build TrafficWave by giving value

How to build TrafficWave by giving value

TrafficWave without a doubt is the world’s best all round, great value, feature packed, autoresponder service there is! For sheer value of what it offers with unlimited subscribers and unlimited campaigns, you can’t beat it. These two features alone will cost you an arm and a leg each month in so many other Autoresponder services. It is an amazing opportunity for people who want to create a large, longterm income working from home in the email marketing industry. Here, I will show you how our team learns how to build TrafficWave by giving members extremely good value. Then you can duplicate this and in no time your TrafficWave account will be free – for life!




The famous author, salesman and motivational speaker Zig Ziglar was well known for his quote You can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want’.

That way of doing things is what our team, the TrafficWave For Profit team follows. So how do we do that? We go about our marketing of TW (trafficwave) by giving ‘value’ to new members who come into our system.

We would like to think we give value in a number of ways, and I am sure we do. But the biggest thing of ‘value’ we offer is step by step, straight forward training that allows you to get unlimited traffic from the power of Youtube. Don’t worry, you don’t have to make videos. Well, at least not at the start.

web traffic to your site

After you see the amazing results people get from this, I am sure like many of us you will be wanting to ‘dip your toes in the water’ of video making eventually. You can just show your desktop and remain off camera too, by the way.

What we teach is a way to make you ‘an authority’ with your Youtube channel in the eyes of Google and YT (youtube).

Our proven method will help your channel become more and more powerful and will slowly direct an ever increasing stream of traffic to your TW page (referrals page or webpage, its up to you). Once you have new members coming, you will just duplicate what you have learned already. It works, its straight forward. So no need to change anything, just repeat.

Everybody needs Traffic, right? That is exactly what you will learn to get from being a member of our team.

The great thing to look forward to with TrafficWave is ‘Get Three, and then it is FREE’, meaning after your first three referrals you will be in profit and get this wonderful service free each month, for life!


How to build a business online with trafficwave

We can help you make a website (if you choose to). It could be something like this one that is helpful in explaining things to prospects. You have many options to start simply, such as with your own webpage on Wix . This is a cloud-based web development platform that allows users to create basic web sites quickly and easily through the use of online drag and drop tools.

The advantage of explaining things on your own webpage is you can add or change updated and interesting content as you see fit. It the best way I know how to build a business online with trafficwave because you can add graphics and videos to better explain things and get your message across quickly.

When you have your ‘target’ ready (your referral link page or webpage), then the videos on your YT account (either your own videos you make or other ones) will point to it and you will slowly start to get traffic going through to your site. Remember, at that stage your channel will already have authority, so you will be getting traffic naturally because of being placed higher in the rankings.

Now this traffic is much better than what you will get from advertising on traffic exchanges or safelists. This is because they people clicking the links on YT to go to your offer would already have learned a little enough to have decided they were interested and clicked through voluntarily. This is unlike traffic exchanges or mailers where the majority of the time, people are just clicking or opening because they just want to earn credits. The YT method gets you much more targeted traffic from the get go and you can use it to build TrafficWave or anything else you like, once you have mastered it!

On this site, I have another post that covers How to get more TrafficWave referrals with a site called Universal Team Build. It is very good and I have had excellent results with it. But this method talked about on this post can’t really be compared to something like that. When you build a youtube channel and have authority, things start to get much easier, really quick.


You can see my TrafficWave youtube channel below.

Earning online with TrafficWave For Profit


In the descriptions of the videos, I have a link through to my post (a tracking link so I can monitor it) and in just a short time, I have had over 3000 visitors. From one video! Imagine what the traffic will be like when I have many more working for me! I hope you are beginning to see the power in learning this traffic method. And remember.. you can use it to promote any offer or site you like once you have learnt it. How good is that?

Our TrafficWave For Profit team leader Chase Swift has been doing this for a long time now and he currently gets over 3000 views per day!

I will be making a number of new Youtube videos to help send traffic to various posts on this website, especially for TW. I will update this post accordingly when there are more good results to show you. I just have a new channel for TW and I am organizing it now for my new upcoming videos.

Full members in my downline also will have access to a private membership club that has instant access to whole training courses on getting traffic through Youtube, Facebook and other social media methods too. Through this free membership, you will be able to get heaps of extra views, likes, subscribers etc to further boost you advertising efforts, all in a fully legitimate way! Equivalent training alone just for Youtube can still be seen selling for hundreds of dollars online.

The TrafficWave 30 Minute List Building Challenge

Another great way of giving value to our members is by showing them how to set up a new targeted campaign with a complete letter series and capture page – all in about 30 minutes!


Its a fullly complete easy to follow, step by step guide on how to do all this. It also has a section on how to drive traffic from multiple sources to their capture page. This section will be continually updating as newer or improved information comes to light on where or how to get the best converting traffic. So its a good idea to bookmark the post.

This complete and simple system allows prospects to see the power provided by working with the tools in TW. They can be quickly set up with a campaign that not only builds their list, but can bring in commissions from new TW signups, build relationships with their downline through providing help and value, allows them many possibilites to monetize that list and very importantly, teaches them about the lifeblood of internet marketing which is getting traffic.

If you haven’t seen the 30 minute challenge yet, you should head over to the post and be prepared to spend a little time going through why this could be so valuable to you.



You can join TrafficWave for a free 30 day trial at any time once inside by using the available links in the TrafficWave 30 Minute Challenge. Click the banner below to Get Started Now

30 minute list building challenge




If you liked this post or would like to see more information on something particular please feel free to leave a comment below.







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How to get started with Trafficwave For Profit

How To Get Started With TrafficWave For Profit And Make Money Online

How To Get Started With TrafficWave For Profit And Make Money Online

Make Money Online With Trafficwave




You can choose from the two paths you see below as to how you wish to build your Trafficwave business.

Some people may just be happy to promote the 'simple business system' and may not wish to use any of Trafficwave's fantastic services or features. At least not at first. Maybe they will just be happy to concentrate on getting three friends to join them, who also have a desire to build monthly passive residual income. Follow the BLUE path below to learn more.

The 'Three Steps To Financial Success' is the ORANGE path. This is more involved for those who wish to take full advantage of everything Trafficwave and our Trafficwave For Profit Team have to offer them in building a successful business online.


The TrafficWave Simple Business System

This option is perfect for those people are happy to promote a 'simple business system' and may not wish to use any of Trafficwave's fantastic services or features. All you have to do is focus on finding three friends, who like you, wish to build a monthly residual income without having to actually to do too much at all.


The easiest way we know to build your Trafficwave(TW) simple business system is this - talk directly to three people you are close to. Spend a little time explaining what you are doing and how simple this is fo to build so they understand what is required of them.

Of course you can promote this simple business system in various emails or other advertising, but we have found talking directly gets the best results.

When you have your three it's a good idea to offer support to them to help them get their three team members. Then encourage them to do the same as the power of this system is in the duplication!

It is highly recommended you join our TrafficWave For Profit facebook group.


In the facebook group, you will find additional support, tips and ideas to help you find your three members and you can ask any questions you may have to get help with whatever you need.

You will also learn in here about additional ways our members are currently making money online.

When you join Trafficwave, make sure you choose to signup as a paid member as opposed to the 30 free trial. This is so you can benefit quickly. It costs $17.95 and you can pay with credit card or the online pay processor Skrill (this can possibly be a one time payment if you take a little action early on).

As a paid TW member, you will get a 100% commission back in what is called a fastrack bonus when you refer a paid team member. When you have referred your three friends, you will receive $6 commission from each of them as monthly residual income. This total of $18 covers your subscription and from there on it will grow as you (and us 🙂 ) support your team members in getting their three and continuing the growth of the downlines.

You may wish to read the post 'Get three and your Trafficwave membership is free!' to see all of this explained in a little more detail.


As mentioned before, talking directly with three friends who want to build income like this is be the best way. We do however have a bridge page here which leads to a landing page here with Chase Swift giving an overview of this opportunity.


Trafficwave For Profit Landing Pages


These are free to use for our paid team members and will have your own links built into them. Contact your sponsor to get your ones made.


Get started in Trafficwave today!

Note: If you were referred to this site by an existing Trafficwave For Profit team member, you should ask them for their referral link to join under them.

Be sure to choose to signup as a paid member as opposed to the 30 free trial so you can get into profit quickly.




The TrafficWave For Profit Three Steps To Financial Success

The 'Three Steps To Financial Success' is more involved. It is for those who wish to take full advantage of everything Trafficwave and our Trafficwave For Profit Team have to offer them in building a successful business online.



Step 1: The Tools

How To Get Started With TrafficWave - Step 1


When you first join, our priority is to get you set up as soon as possible with your first Trafficwave campaign(s). We want you to quickly be promoting and building your team and income with those lovely fastrack bonuses and residual commissions.

The most expedient way for you to get going is to join the teams Facebooks group. The reason for this is because in there you will find all of the most up to date, already done for you campaigns and capture pages from Trafficwave For Profit leader Chase Swift.

Chase is a master with Youtube videos, both in creating them and getting them ranked in the search engines. In the facebook group, you will soon see many helpful, informative and instructional videos to quickly help you get set up with whatever you need. Video realIy is ideal when you need to learn something quickly. It really does make things easier.

I am an administrator in the facebook group also, and constantly monitor activity in there. You can and should ask any questions you may have and we'll get you sorted in no time.

Join The Trafficwave For Profit Facebook group here.


Many think of Trafficwave as just an Autoresponder service, but it really is so much more than that as you will come to see.


Step 2: The money

How To Get Started With TrafficWave - Step 2



Many of our members have taken advantage of our partner opportunity and are building daily passive income that will grow to be quite substantial in coming years.

Trafficwave is a rock solid business and has been around for over 19 years and always paying its members without fail in that time. When looking for a program that would be a perfect partner for members to increase their earning potential, we had to find something that matched Trafficwave' high standards. What we found certainly ticked all the right boxes.

Key Points:

  • You always control your capital here and can take it out whenever you like.
  • It earns around 0.33% daily or about 10% per month passive income.
  • You can optionally choose to build a team in this (by introducing TW members or others) for additional streams of income.
  • It has a very lucrative compensation plan for those who want to actively promote it.

Build compounding income


This is not a get rich quick scheme or anything of that nature. It requires you to spend some time to fully understand how it works and how to put things into action. There is a very detailed guide where you can find out all about it, and followsimple  step by step instructions to get started. You need to do your own due diligence and see if it is a good fit for you to make money online.

Another great thing about this opportunity is how you can take advantage of two extremely powerful principles that world banks and financial institutions always put into practice. Leverage and compounding.

Leverage comes into play for you when you refer others. You give them value by passing on training and tools so they can in turn go out and refer others. Then you will have a team building the team for you! Now that's much more powerful, right?

Initially the compounding effect could be fairly modest when getting started. But it will grow fairly quickly after a little while. We will show you how to capitalize on the effect of compounding to increase the daily returns exponentially. We will have a dedicated strategy section on this coming soon.

Compounding is such an incredibly powerful thing, so much so that Albert Einstein famously called it the eighth wonder of the world. He said 'He who understands it, earns it.. he who doesn’t, pays it.' We knew we had to find a way to introduce compounding to our team as this is perfect.

The post How to make money online with Cloud Token Wallet app is where you can learn more on this amazing opportunity.


Get started in Trafficwave today!

NOTE: If you were referred to this site by an existing Trafficwave For Profit team member, you should ask them for their referral link to join under them.

Be sure to choose to signup as a paid member as opposed to the 30 free trial so you can get into profit quickly.




Step 3: The Traffic

How To Get Started With TrafficWave - Step 3


Traffic is the life blood of any online business. It goes without saying if you want to be successful and make money online, you are going to need it, LOTS of it. We show you how to get it. Do not underestimate the importance of this step and what you have access to here!

You are going to learn how to generate organic traffic that continues to increase and that can be used to promote your Trafficwave business as well as anything else you like too!

web traffic

What Is TrafficWave for Profit?

TrafficWave for Profit is the name of the team and marketing system that was developed and is run by team leader Chase Swift.

He started this in January 2009 and has become an absolute expert in using all that TrafficWave has to offer. He has a wealth of experience with autoresponders, web pages, and making and ranking YouTube videos in the top search engines. We are very fortunate that he loves teaching others how to do the same. We get access to many informational and instructional videos that really do make the learning process for all of this very straight forward and time efficient.

Since 2009, Chase has consistently been one of the top 20 affiliates in TrafficWave and he currently has one of the largest teams.

The TrafficWave for Profit system consists of everything a new person would possibly need, from the pre-written autoresponder letters to promote TrafficWave to the video capture pages designed by Chase and TrafficWave CEO Brian Rooney.


Chase Swift - Traficwave For Profit team leader

Trafficwave For Profit Team leader Chase swift in action.


Trafficwave For Profit Team leader Chase swift has mastered the entire process of how to make videos around keyword specific topics and rank them highly in the search engines, usually number one or thereabouts. The videos are on a broad range of interesting and much searched for topics.

Often the videos are based on answering a question or solving a problem that people have. When you help people like this, it builds trust with them. They are then more open to seeing a small part of the video that suggests if people are interested in making money online they can click the link below in the description.

This method is successfully bringing many of them into the team autoresponder as new leads. His videos across all of his channels combined are getting around 3000 views per day!


Check out these search terms to see his video rankings in Google.

Google Voice Tutorial: How Do I Get a Google Voice Number
623,801 views, over 2600 likes and over 8900 subscribers. One of his best videos, very well liked. Google it

How to Turn Off Camera on Macbook Pro or Turn Off Web Cam
154,070 views, 91 likes and over 2700 subscribers. Google it

How do i restore my macbook air to factory settings
230,083 views, 502 likes and over 2.7k subscribers - very popular! Google it


As you can see, those are some pretty impressive numbers, Right? These are just a few examples that show that this really works! Keep in mind, the traffic he is generating is constantly increasing. Now this all takes some time to create and to build up. But once you have committed yourself and put in some effort to learn and take action, it will repay you continuously going forward. Chase now has a constant flow of daily leads flowing in to help grow his online business.

I am happy to say I have been an active follower of his training and am more proof it works very well as my Youtube channels now have thousands of subscribers. I am regularly creating new video content that is attracting thousands of views, getting likes and new subscribers and importantly is bringing in new leads for our team. This can benefit all members longterm as spillover happens in the matrix where a new TW member gets placed under others in the team downline. That could be you!  🙂


You can get access to specific Youtube traffic training in our TrafficWave For Profit facebook group. Click the banner below to join. 


There is also another facebook group managed by Chase with very specific training on keywords and traffic. I would also suggest you join this as you can get a lot more in depth training in here for free. Remember, what you have access to now, you would have had to pay a lot of money elsewhere. There are still courses available that charge 100's of dollars for this.You will also be able to get an invite link to a private members club called the Back door Society (BDS). This site has a wealth of information free for its members education. This includes SEO training and resources as well as it's own comprehensive Youtube training course. Valueable stuff!

You can join that FB group here.


I will also be adding new posts on this site with my own easy access training covering a lot of the basics so members can learn these very quickly and put them into action. So look out for those.

Aside from the Youtube training and methods, we also can show you how to take a little time and set up a more simpler (basic) traffic system. You can learn about this in the post Basic Traffic Source For Splash Pages. As the name implies, some the members use this traffic source to send visitors to splash pages that that earn them advertising credits, referrals and commissions on multiple sites at the same time.See more on the splash pages on the post Splash Pages That Earn For TrafficWave Members In Multiple Ways.

(NOTE: both these posts above are currently being updated with new content).

But this basic traffic source can also be used to stockpile a large number of ad credits in a short time on sites such as CoopMG or MaxAdCoop.



These sites are ones where I consistently have good results in advertising things as well as being great sites to get referrals and commissions from too. Check out the Basic Traffic Source post and take action. Get this easy to set up system to work continuously for you.


Get started in Trafficwave today!

NOTE: If you were referred to this site by an existing Trafficwave For Profit team member, you should ask them for their referral link to join under them.

Be sure to choose to signup as a paid member as opposed to the 30 free trial so you can get into profit quickly.






If you are a new visitor to this site, I hope you can now better understand How To Get Started With TrafficWave For Profit And Make Money Online.

I hope to see you inside the TWFP Facebook group so I can work closer with you and help you however I can in earning online income.


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