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How to make money like a bank and retain control of it

How to make money like a bank and retain control of it.

Would you and perhaps many people you know want to grow your money by 20% or more every month, all while you maintain control of it? That question is a real attention getter and no wonder because this financial publishing company has multiple solid and proven ways of growing and protecting your money. These are the two key principal foundations they have built everything on. They also never touch any members money at all, you always have control.

Now they have just introduced what is surely the biggest opportunity in the history of MLM, and that is not hype as you will see for yourself.  You are in the right place at the right time, the very beginning, to be able to capitalize on it.

Basically its an automated Forex product that gives life changing, compounded daily returns. This was previously only available to institutional level traders, but now this company has secured exclusive rights and created a partneship that is a real game changer. Not only will this allow all members to build a significant compounding income, but it will also act as a huge magnet, drawing in others to the system too.

Soon all members will have their own additional replicated site which explains this amazing Forex product and earning opportunity to new prospects. This also walks them right through to how to get signed up. This site will do most of the work in building a team under you in an already lucrative matrix system.

All you have to do right now is very simple. Watch the videos below and have a read through the other key information on this post. If you like what you see (and why wouldn't you?) and want to learn more, the best thing you could do is join the Facebook group through the details given below. It is all obligation free to come in and learn in a helpful and friendly atmosphere, where many people will be happy to share information and answer any questions you may have.



In this video Chase Swift talks about a life changing financial opportunity where you can learn How to make money like a bank while always maintaining control of it. He explains how the banks are doing it and gives examples that clearly show why this should be investigated and is worth some of your time to check it out.

As Albert Einstein famously said 'compounding interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it. He who doesn't, pays it'.



Unifii Presentation November 2018 With Major Updates. Presented by John Kinnear and Shane Carling.


Here are the key points in this amazing opportunity…

1. Acess to Daily Forex signals plus a completely automated* Forex product that gives life changing, compounded daily returns ( * Semi automated only for USA and Canada following local regulations - in all other countries it can be completely automated with the PAMM system. There is a complete training and a simple solution for USA/Canada members that will potentially allow them to earn even more).

2. The trading results are third party verified. So however incredible the results may seem, they are 100% correct! The CEO is typically a very conservative person when presenting things. He is actually uncomfortable about having a compounding calculator and showing the results, simply because the returns are so big!

3. The Institutional trading partners are giving very safe, consistent returns long term. They are quite conservative in their approach but have been doing this long enough to know when to take advantage of certain opportunities when they present themselves. There are specific sets of indicators they look for and use. They already trade 100’s of millions of dollars for clients, so their experience is without a doubt.

4. The Forex market is worth around $5.3 Trillion per day. The huge liquidity in the market ensures sustainability of income and ease of money movement.

5. With this opportunity, the company never touches members money or makes commissions in any way. Members money is 100% safe and accessible to them at all times in their own secure, regulated broker account with a multi award winning broker.

7. Combine this new Forex (FX) product with one of the very best pay plans in the industry, and their other Crypto signals that are earning members significant returns…and it really doesn’t get better than this! They have just completed an upgrade to the pay plan too, so now they pay out even more money up front and into the matrix earnings for all members. Remember, this new FX opportunity is going to significantly help grow members matrix earning ability because many people are interested in the forex market and want an easy, accessible way in.

So be in no doubt guys. This is probably the biggest opportunity of the year and most likely in the history of MLM and you are in exactly the right place at the right time. It really doesn’t get better than this!

Even starting out with fairly smallish amounts can add up to eye catching numbers quite quickly when compounding is at work. Banks know this and always take advantage of it. Now we have a game changing chance to capitalize on this too with this exciting new exclusive opportunity.


Universal signal compounding calculator

Have a play with this calculator to see what is possible, even in a fairly small timeframe. Click the picture to open a new tab.



The intro video shown earlier gives a brief view into some important aspects and prepares you for the main presentation which is very in depth and covers everything. You will appreciate the two main principals which are growing and most importantly, protecting your wealth. A big part of what they share is about empowering people through helping educate them and allowing them to raise their financial IQ.

Knowledge is power and we are all able to learn so much through what is provided from the leaders, online in the backoffice resources such as Prosperity U (university) and also from the close knit team in the Facebook support group. There is so much this opportunity has to offer you and so much to take in. Too much for one post. That is why we strongly recommend you join our group.




The FB group is here. In here you'll find a fantastic environment to get your bearings, ask questions, find up to date information and see informative and helpful posts from active and friendly people.

Below is the email template mentioned in the intro video How to make money like a bank and retain control of it:



Heads up!

Unifii just changed the game overnight for those searching for their lucky break to get huge returns, legally and ethically.

They just got an exclusive to bring us Forex trading with 20-30% + returns per month - and they made it EASY for everyone.

If you live outside the US, Canada and North Korea, you can literally have a team do the trading for you and you have access to this, starting with very little capital.

If you live in the US and Canada they have a solution for you, though it can't be entirely hands-free but it's as easy as it needs to be to cash in.

Here are the videos:

How to make money like a bank and retain control of it

Unifii Presentation November 2018 With Major Updates
With John kinnear and Shane C

This is a game changer for you and your family. Don't miss out on this announcement!



So now you have access to what some are calling a real game changer. The addition of a new exclusive Forex product adds to the already impressive lineup of financial and educational products this financial publishing company have to offer. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain just by doing one simple thing. Join us in the facebook group where you wont be pressured at all, but you will be educated and informed. I am certain that once you see and understand more about all of this, you too will realize it is the only place you need to be to earn significant online income (and protect it).

Knowing How to make money like a bank and retain control of it can empower you and your family for many generations to come.


If you feel you have enough information and want to get started, you can go ahead and join now

Otherwise I would really recommend joining our Facebook group above to learn more first.






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