Splash Pages That Earn For TrafficWave Members In Multiple Ways

Get Referrals, Commissions And Massive Amounts Of Advertising Credits Fast

The Splash Pages you see listed here on this post are available to benefit all of our TrafficWave For Profit (TWFP) members in multiple ways. They are designed to advertise a specific traffic source, such as a traffic exchange, a safelist/mailer or other promotional website that is very good in promoting our TrafficWave links.

They work for us in multiple ways like this - you send traffic to them. You may get a referral as a result because it can have YOUR referral link for that advertised site embedded into it. You can then potentially benefit further from your new downline member upgrading in that program as you will earn a commission. Your TWFP downline should join these programs using your referral link where possible so as everyone gets to benefit.

If you look a little further down on the splash pages, you will see one or two advertising boxes which are usually text or banners. You are credited on those networks (if you belong to them) each time your page gets a visit. This is basically how we are getting to benefit multiple times from one page visit.


Note: To really get a massive boost with your advertising, these splash pages are suitable to send traffic to, from what i refer to as the Basic Traffic Source For Splash Pages. You should read that post to understand how taking a little time initially to set things up can pay off handsomely in the longrun in generating very large numbers of advertising credits for you.

The more relevant information needed for here is on the lower half of that post. I would recommend watching the video 'Basic Traffic Source For GDI Splash Pages' for a good overview (Disregard the GDI part in the title. The traffic is suitable for many kinds of splash pages and perfect for all of these ones).


These are some of the advertising sites we have splash pages built for and earn advertising credits from. If you are interested in getting your own splash page, you should click the appropriate banner to join if you are my direct TrafficWave downline, or contact your TW sponsor and get their referral links from them.


How To Start Earning Online With These Splash Pages For TrafficWave For Profit Members

Build Traffic, Commissions And Your Downline

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