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Make money online with Cloud Token


Welcome to the Cloud Token Family!

Cloud Token wallet can get you paid daily just for holding your own Bitcoin or cryptocurrency in it! You simply install it to your phone, iPhone or Android, deposit some crypto of your choice and switch on the software and then enjoy passive income! Daily earnings will kick in around 24 to 48 hours after activation.  Members are getting around 0.33% a day, which is ~10% or more every month, and this is all while you keep complete control of your funds!

How to get started with cloud token


Cloud token app on a phone

Here, you're able to build daily passive income while importantly having the security of being able to take your money (cryptocurrency) out whenever you want to.

Initially though, it is recommended to hold onto your cloud token (HODL) as the current low price of it is only 35 cents per token. It has recently risen after the official launch of the platform and is expected to rise considerably as more users join in and the profit grows.Team leaders are focussing on accumulating as much as they can, as early as they can and are sharing ways for members who wish to be more active than passive to do the same.

As the price reaches different milestones, some leaders have a plan to withdraw some tokens, say at $1, $2 $3, $5 or even $10. This could be where you exchange some of your CTO for ETH (or BTC) and enter another lot into the Jarvis AI to compound. This is where crypto compounding crypto for you is really powerful.



How to make money online with Cloud Token Wallet app

Compounding and leverage are such incredibly powerful things when applied in your online business. Leverage can be easily put into action for you by sharing this wonderful wallet app with just a few friends. As they then share with others, you earn even more tokens without any additional effort on your part. You can choose to stick with passive income or you can decide you want to be active and share with others. It's up to you, but the rewards program here is outstanding!

Banks and all of the large financial institutions around the world know compounding very well. They use it to generate massive returns consistently. In this opportunity, initially we will want to HODL, but of course compounding is going to be a big part of us building substantial online income in a little while. We are going to have a strategy section here and team leaders are sharing information on this too. Be sure to check out our teambuild section and join our facebook group to learn more.

Albert Einstein famously called compounding the eighth wonder of the world. He said 'He who understands it, earns it … he who doesn’t … pays it.'

So learning how to make money online with cloud token wallet app puts you in the right place at the right time. We are right at the very beginning with this great opportunity, with the price of cloud token so low and other crypto's such such as Bitcoin on the rise. You can capitalize on that from what you will learn here and then by taking action and joining us!

How to make money like a bank with compounding


What Is Cloud Token And How Does It Work?


Basically Cloud Token is a decentralized digital wallet that integrates many digital assets into one easy to use smartphone app. You go to their website and download the version for your phone, whether iPhone or android. You deposit some crypto into the wallet, activate the Jarvis software and that's it! The software goes to work and you now have a passive means of income.

Your funds in the wallet are liquid at all times. This means that you can withdraw it at any time. You can do this through exchanging your earned CTO into ETH and transferring out.

In  the cloud token app, JARVIS makes trades on around 38 of the largest crypto exchanges, looking for opportunities to buy low and then sell high. The profits of this trading activity are paid in their utility token CTO on a daily basis. This works out to be about ~ 0.3% a day in earnings for the user. This is about ~10% a month just for holding your crypto in the wallet, not bad right?

In the future, a dedicated credit card that will be released to members. The technology for this is already working and in place (see the ATM video section included in the Overview Presentation Video below). The credit cards will be rolled out when the platform has 150,000 active members.

How Do You Get Paid 10% A Month On Your Crypto With JARVIS AI?


The software has been built with the latest 4.0 generation blockchain technology. It has the ability to execute encrypted trading and payment transactions using inter blockchain technology. At the core of Cloud Token is their high frequency artificial trading technology software engine called JARVIS AI. Some of the worlds larger companies like Mastercard, Coca-Cola, Walmart and Google are actively using this technology in their operations.

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How to get started with cloud token

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Cloud Token Main Overview Presentation



Cloud Token Credit Card Coming Soon

This will be available to all members if they want one when there are 150,000 active members. Currently it's estimated there are about 60,000 and climbing fast. These are members who have funded their wallet and are participating in the earnings.

How To Make Money Online With Cloud Token Wallet


How to make money online with Cloud Token Wallet

You can learn how to make money online with Cloud Token wallet here and be on your way to passive income in no time at all.

This truly is a basic way to generate income online as it can be a completely hands free passive earnings for you if you decide it to be. You just set up your account, deposit funds (crypto) and you will earn CTO 24/7 while you don't have to do anything. You don't even need to log in every day to check (although that's half the fun). It will simply continue making gains for you. You’ll continue stacking up CTO (cloud tokens) which are climbing in value frequently as more and more people join as this app.

Imagine when you have a couple of thousand CTO tokens and then the value goes to $10, or perhaps $20 or $30. Similar projects have actually achieved greater than twice that in just over a year!

But the big secret you see here is the power you have at your fingertips with this. Simply by being active and sharing this great opportunity with a few good friends, your earning possibilities jump up dramatically.

Keep in mind, you make a matching bonus of 100% of what they earn each month. For example, if they put in $1000 dollars, and they make ~10% monthly, this is around $100. You will make $100 dollars also! Then just multiply that by how many friends you would like to refer. You would receive this throughout the month, spread out in the day-to-day payments. This is paid to you in CTO, which most certainly has the possibility to increase substantially. Are you seeing the huge opportunity you have right in front of you?

It really is up to you whichever way you choose to decide to earn online income with cloud token, passively or proactively. However, I hope I have given you enough food for thought on how well you could do out of this a little further down the track. I mean when the CTO token rises and you have accumulated a lot more of them through the simple act of sharing with a few friends. Visualize the potential there for a moment. That's why I firmly believe the best way on how to make money online with Cloud Token wallet is simply to get set up and to make a point of telling a few of your close friends.


You can learn more specific information on your earning potential by checking out the Cloud Token compensation plan.

Cloud token compensation plan

The cloud token rewards program

Key Points:

  • No lock in period, no monthly fees, no contracts, no membership or packages to buy.
  • You simply deposit about $550 in crypto (recommended) into this wallet and activate Jarvis to earn.
  • Earn around 0,3% daily, usually around 10% a month.
  • Marketing tools available to help you share with others (optional, not necessary to earn).
  • Doesn't rely on mining, works in a bear or bull market as there are always price differences.
  • We have a facebook support group for any questions you may have.


Join Our Facebook Group here.



How To Get Started With Cloud Token


This guide on how to get started with cloud token is divided into two parts to keep things simple and easier to understand. The first part covers downloading the cloud token app to your smartphone, what information you need to input in the various steps and how important it is to create a hard backup of specific data for your security. It's all step by step simple.

The second part covers how to transfer crypto to your cloud token wallet and activate JARVIS AI to begin earning online with it. If you feel you still need some assistance in getting all of this working, you will see at the end of this second section a link to our free facebook group where we can help you with whatever you need.


Downloading the Cloud Token app to your smartphone

The first thing you will want to do is to visit the Cloud Token website and download the latest version of the wallet app for your kind of phone. Choose ios if you are an iphone owner or Google play if you need to install android.

How to get started with the cloud token wallet app

Visit the site to view it and check it out or scan the QR code from your phone and go there directly.


Note: Depending on your individual phone setup, with security etc, you may or may not see a security message popup during the installation process. I didn't see anything like that during my install, nor did some others I know who have installed it. However, if you do here is what you can do.

If your phone uses ANDROID:
To download the app you must go into the settings and ensure that you can install apps from unknown sources. You will see a message pop up that will prompt you to go to the settings and approve the installation. Install the app “.apk” file you downloaded and now you have the Cloud Token wallet installed.

If you have an iPhone with IOS:
After you download the app, go to Settings -> Device management -> YFC Technologies Pte and click on ‘trust’.

Next you click on create an account. You have to enter the referral code of your sponsor at this point. Enter 0 1 7 5 2 4 2 8 4 5 or the code from the person who sent you to this page.

Note: If you came from our Teambuild, you should definitely use your sponsors referral code so you join under them and respect the downline order.

Learn more about our Teambuild here.
join our cloud token teambuild


After creating your account and entering the referral code you will create your password for the account. (I thought this was a little bit confusing because at this stage it said login pin near the top of the page, but I guess it's actually the same thing - login pin/password.)


*** Very Important: You should 'go old school' here for security. Write ALL of the password and pin number and mnemonic phrase information down immediately as you are creating and entering it. If you forget this information or even lose the paper you write it on, you cant get back in to your wallet or your funds! So this is really important that you keep a backup of everything safe and secure.***


Cloud token mnemonic phrase security backup

Set up your payment PIN. This will be used whenever your a doing some action that directly affects the funds in your account.

Next you will see your mnemonic phrase. this group of 12 words must be entered into the box in excatly the correct order. The next step confirms you recorded them by having you place them correctly into the box before you can proceed any further. These 12 mnemonic words are your private key and when entered in the right sequence will provide ANYONE access to your funds. So keep it safe. Also, it can be used if needed to restore your funds and your account in the situation where you may have lost your phone or have forgetten your login password.

The last step you see above advises you to make a screenshot of your information for security. You will have to do what you think is best here. Some say they think making a screenshot can actually be an added security threat say if someone got access to your device. I personally prefer to keep a hard copy off of my devices and in a seperate location.

So now you need to make sure to go to -> Settings -> Google Authenticator, and bind your Google Authenticator app to Cloud Token wallet. You can download this from the Google Play Store or app store. Again, its very important you make sure to SAVE your key in case you happen to lose your phone with the Google Authenticator app in it. The Google Authenticator app is used when you make any withdrawals or financial transactions in Cloud Token.


binding authenticator to cloud token app


NOTE also: Your 16 digit account number will be the same one used for your future cloud token credit card if you request one!

How to transfer crypto to your cloud token wallet and activate JARVIS AI


You can choose to deposit any of the 7 cryptocurrencies that are currently supported by Cloud Token superwallet. You will see BTC - Bitcoin, ETH - Etherium, USDT - Tether, TUSD - TrueUSD, LTC - Litecoin, BCH - Bitcoin Cash, and DOGE - Dogecoin. That is an already flexible lineup for getting funded but even greater things are expected. In the future there are plans to support more than 50 cryptos on the platform!

So you tap on the crypto you wish to deposit. This will take you to another screen where you see options to deposit on the left, and withdraw on the right. Tap on deposit option and then copy the receive address you see on the next screen. From your other wallet or your crypto exchange, you then send to this address that you have just copied.

Take your time with this and make sure everything is 100% correct. Good practice is to always check the first three and last three characters to make sure they match before confirming any transaction.


How to transfer crypto to your cloud token wallet


** NOTE:  To activate the JARVIS AI software and participate in the rewards program you need to deposit a minimum of $500 worth of cryptocurrency. Because the crypto prices jump around a bit, I would recommend you deposit at least $550 or more if you are able to. This will ensure you dont miss out on potential earnings if the balance falls a little. If you balance does fall below $500, your earnings will cease.

Now you may need to wait a little while, maybe an hour or two before you see that your Bitcoin or chosen crypto has been deposited into your wallet. When you see it, tap on Projects, then tap on JARVIS AI. This is the artificial intelligence software that they use to earn Bitcoin and others crypto's from. They achieve this through high frequency trading and arbitrage, where the system makes trades between many exchanges, buying low and then selling high

Next, agree to the terms of service and then click on the ‘Projects' button at the bottom of the screen. Choose your crypto in the box there and click on “MAX” or if you wish, enter the amount of BTC or crypto you want to activate and use with the software and click on PROCEED.

**NOTE: If at this stage you have an error code ‘invalid hash value’, make sure to switch the phone system language over to ENGLISH in the
settings. If you have any other kind of error, make sure you enter the correct amount and be sure to leave enough funds to cover for a transaction fee.**

You will see a message your participation request has been submitted. Be aware that the transaction is still in a pending state in the wallet. It can take up to an hour or two to be active. Check back in under projects a little later and you'll see it showing there. That is pretty much it. Within the next 24 to 48 hours you will start receiving your first reward of CTO tokens. Congratulations!

How to transfer Bitcoin Into Your Cloud Token Wallet



Check out this great overview video from our team leader Chase Swift on how to transfer bitcoin into your cloud token wallet (and other cryptocurrencies too). He really does make the whole process step by step simple. Many of us are fortunate to have direct access to great resources like this in our teambuild where members build multiple income streams simultaneously. You can learn more about that in the teambuild section below if you wish.

join our cloud token teambuild

The Cloud Token Rewards Program


The Cloud Token Rewards Program

Just having a wallet app on your phone and being able to earn about ~10% monthly returns on your crypto you hold in there is pretty cool by itself. But I'm sure you will be even more amazed at how good the rewards plan is and how well you could do from it just by sharing it with one or two people.

First of all, for every person you directly refer and who put in at least $500 worth of crypto into the JARVIS AI, you will be paid a 100% matching bonus on their earnings! Lets say for example you refer John. John sees the great earning potential in CTW and loves the idea of passive income. So he deposits $10,000 worth of crypto and as a result, he earns $1,000 a month paid to him in Cloud Tokens (average earnings range from 8% to 12% a month). That means you will also earn a $1,000 monthly matching bonus. This is paid out to you in CLOUD token, daily, over the course of the month. 

If you refer 10 people and they all deposit $1,000 of crypto, you will be earning $100 * 10 = $1,000 a month in passive income! You didn't have to do too much at all other than just share it. It's looking good but it doesn’t stop there. Say some of those 10 people also see the benefit in sharing this opportunity. So they share it and bring in some new referrals who are on your second level. For level two members in your downline, you will earn an additional 50% matching bonus. That means if they got started and put in $1000, they will earn around $100 monthly. You are going to get an additional 50% matching bonus paid out to you in CTO daily, over the course of the month (that is $50). How good is that? You didn't do anything, not even share the opportunity with these second level members, but now you are able to receive monthly passive income!



Are you starting to see the potential here now? This is why so many people are excited about sharing this and even building a small team. A CTO token is worth around 35 cents now, a short time after the launch party where it was at 30 cents. Imagine the potential when you have even a small team and you are getting paid in CTO every day and they are starting to accumulate. Then imagine having a few thousand of them and the price of CTO reaches $2, $5 or even $10! Many believe that this has the potential to reach $5 to $10 range within the next 10 to 12 months. Many point to the example of plus token, a similar project in many ways that started at 40 cents and is now currently over $70 in just over a year. Cloud token seemingly has so much going for it and is allowed in the north american market where it is expected to be widely received.


Cloud token rewards program overview


The rewards plan goes down well beyond the first and second levels though. It can go 21 levels deep if you qualify and you do that by personally referring 16 people yourself. For levels 3 down to 21 you will earn 5% matching bonus or 0.5% of their deposit.


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How to get started with cloud token


Features, Key Points And Videos


The Software AI in action





Join Our Cloud Token Teambuild


More details coming very soon (will be posted as soon as available)

earn online income with cloud token wallet

Hi guys. Our team, Trafficwave for Profit (TWFP) now has a letter campaign series and some associated landing pages that are available for members to use. This will help you build both your Trafficwave and Cloud Token downlines simultaneously. These letters are available to members who have joined TW and are in the TWFP facebook group. Alternatively, you could sign up on the list and receive the letters in your email by going HERE. You can (and should) modify and personalise these letters to fit you.

Click on the banner to go to the post How to make a capture page for the TrafficWave Cloud Token campaign. This will walk you through step by step on how to make your own capture page for Cloud Token/TrafficWave (or anything you wish to promote - you are allowed 5 pages for free).


I'm pleased to announce the new 'Get Started With Cloud Token Today' landing page is ready. If you are one of our Cloud Token downline team members, you can have one of these made and hosted for you. You need to pass on your name, your cloud token referral number and your member ID (the 16 digit, four blocks of four number) to your sponsor or team leader.

Get started with Cloud Token Today

Click the banner to open in a new tab and check it out.


One of best things you could do right now to help you 'get plugged in' with ways to share CTW is join our facebook group - Bitcoin opportunity with Chase Swift. You will see in the video of his below 'What is Cloud Token and how to share this app' how much value he gives to members in his groups or on his team. He is my upline sponsor in CTW and of course the team leader and founder of the Trafficwave For Profit team.

Join the Bitcoin opportunity with Chase Swift FB group

What is Cloud Token and how to share this app.

In this video Chase Swift explains how you can go about sharing this opportunity with others and to grow your team and benefit greatly from the rewards program. He also offer many valueable tips and suggestions as well as providing many insights into how things work and what is coming soon.


Note: If you are part of our Trafficwave Teambuild, you should definitely use your sponsors referral code so you join under them and respect the downline order.


Check out..

How to get started with cloud token


Trafficwave For Profit Homepage


* Earnings Disclaimer:

There is of course no guarantee that you will make these levels of income.You accept that the earnings and income statements differ by individual. As with any opportunity, your results may vary. They will be based on your individual capacity, business experience, expertise and level of desire.

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