How to make a capture page for the TrafficWave Cloud Token campaign

How to make a capture page for the TrafficWave Cloud Token campaign

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In this tutorial, you will see how you can make a simple, but fairly stylish and eye catching capture page. This demonstration shows the process of making a page that is suitable for use with your TrafficWave letter series campaign promoting Cloud Token. TrafficWave For Profit (TWFP) team leader Chase Swift has made these available to all team members in the TWFP Facebook group.

This page (and others) was made on the platform 'Lead Page Plus'. It is important to note that this platform has a number of paid programs inside that you can join and pay for so as to make commissions from if you choose to. This is optional - You can use this service completely free and can have up to five capture pages hosted for you here!

You can join Lead Page Plus by clicking the banner.

You can watch the video below for the best understanding of how it all works and then you can refer to the simple steps overview below that.


If you haven't joined Cloud Token yet, or would like to learn more, be sure to check out the main post here - How to make money online with Cloud Token Wallet You can just jump straight to the Teambuild section of that post where you can see many more promotional resources available to our members.

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Alternatively, you may also wish to check out the landing page Get Started With Cloud Token Wallet Today! (This landing page is also available for members of our Cloud Token team to have embedded with their own links - contact your sponsor for details).

This is a golden opportunity for earning online and one that is perfect to build simultaneously alongside TW. We now have such a lot in the way of promotional resources available to you to help you to build a team and potentially, a substantial income stream from this.

How to make the Cloud Token capture page


The simple steps to make your own Cloud Token capture page

Step 1:

Complete the signup process by clicking on the banner. Once you have logged in to the Lead page plus (LPP) backoffice, you will some program popups. They will try to get you to join so as to earn commissions from them by actively promoting LPP. You can quickly bypass these as you CAN definitely use this as a free member and have up to five capture pages (paid members are allowed fifty).

Make a Cloud Token capture page

Step 2:

Click on PAGES and then NEW PAGES and it will take you to this page you see below where you will enter in the Sharecode - C-9UDHsNk - being careful to enter it exactly! If you are sure it's right, click the button 'Create Capture Page'.


How to make a Cloud Token capture page for TrafficWave


Step 3:

Next, you will click on PAGES, and then CAPTURE PAGES which will take you to see a list of your current pages. NOTE: At this stage you probably just have one page listed called Time And Financial Freedom. This is where you can click on EDIT to go through all of the information. You will need to put in YOUR INFORMATION.

How to make a Cloud token capture page

Step 4:

You can choose the title you want, and you can also put in the URL for where you want prospects to go to after they have opted-in. You'll need to put in your autoresponder (TrafficWave) and the name of the campaign list where you want the prospects to go to. Don't forget to click update after making any changes on the page!


And that is pretty much it. It is always a good idea to go to the capture page and enter a test name and an alternate email address so that you can test everything out and make sure it is all working as it should be.

Optional - Last Step:

You could repeat the process by going back to PAGES, then NEW PAGE and entering in the Sharecode again. Once this 'second' page has been created, go in to edit the details. you can give it another name and even edit the wording on the form. As you will see in the video, you are able to choose from a number of stylish background images from LPP. You also can use your own image if you like. You can join a site called Imgur (.) com and then you can upload your image into your 'library' there. Click on the image and on the right hand side of it, you will see the direct link. Copy this link and this is what you will paste into the appropriate box to show your own image in the background. Again, don't forget to click the update button if you make any changes.



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