How to get unlimited banner advertising working for you

Different methods of getting unlimited banner advertising working for you


Banner advertising is often underestimated by people in regards of how effective it can be and also actually how ‘low maintenance’ they really are. They are very easy to set up and they just keep working for you, advertising your offer or sites 24/7. What’s not to like about that?


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In this post I will show you how to get unlimited banner advertising working for you with a few easy to set up methods.


To save time and keep organized, I keep a handy notepad file with all of my banner names and relevant information in it. I make sure I have the name and the banner image file linkย  – http:…. blahblah.gifย ย  Usually it ends in a .jpg .gif or more commonly these days, a newer format .png .

Just for convenience, I also put 468 after the banner file name for the 468 x 60 size banner or 125 for the 125 x 125 Square banner or button banner as they are sometimes called. Not all websites allow all sizes, so you must check. Also I have the destination URL – where the visitor will go to once they have clicked the banner. There are also larger 728 x 90 ‘Leaderboard’ banners, but I find many sites nowadays aren’t using them.

So once you are armed with all of your handy banner information in your notepad file, it is then a fairly simple process of copy and pasting the relevant info into the correct fields on the sites you wish to advertise on. A few tips here. Take your time and always check the banner is displaying correctly on the site before you exit. Some sites may not warn you if there is a problem.

Now, a great source of unlimited banner advertsing (that isn’t widely known it seems) comes from within TrafficWave.ย  Just recently I was chatting with a fellow TW member and they struggled to recall where in the TW backoffice they could even set up a banner. Geez.. an opportunity like this.. you must use it! ๐Ÿ™‚

If you are in your account, you will see along the top menus where it says ‘Extras’, hover over it and a dropdown menu will appear

set up trafficwave banners


Click on ‘Banner Campaigns’ to take you to the next step.


training for setting up unlimited traficwave banners


Then you will click on the button ‘Create New banner Campaign’ on the lower right.


seeting up banners - training


Now the next menu is where you will input your details for the banner you want to display. There is one difference with TrafficWave however. You can choose to upload the banner you want to display onto their server. This helps keep the load times for it displaying quite fast. I would recommend doing this. So it is a little different, but very straightforward. Go to the site you belong to and find the image (banner) on the site you want to display. Put the mouse pointer over it, right click and choose ‘Save image as’ . Save it to your PC folder.


Now in the TW banner campaign manager you can choose to ‘upload banner image’ from the folder you saved it to before. Always double check things look right and don’t forget to click save before exiting.

I have had upward of 60 banners before and it takes a little while to set them all up. I often log in a couple of times a week and check on them, add one or two more or delete any old ones. Eventually you are going to end up having quite a few of them showing. It is a very easy way to set up longterm advertising that will continually work for you around the clock. Just another great benefit of being a TW member! ๐Ÿ™‚


Another great way to get thousands of banner impressions

Now the next method involves signing up to some ‘banner exchanges’ and get some banner code to put on a web post/page/blog of yours somewhere. There are many options for those of you who don’t yet have your own website. For example or I will include the links near the bottom of this post to some other popular banner exchanges I am using successfully.

So if you look towrds the bottom of this page, you will see a banner displaying and it is from the Bucket of banners network. That is going to be our example for this post. Everyone that visits this page earns me banner credits on the Bucket of Banners network. Quite simple right? Now we can take it a step further. I can advertise my site on other sites like mailer programs or traffic exchanges and when more people look at my post – more banner credits! Then I can even take it another step further again.

Not all web traffic is the same in terms of quality! Read that again and remember it, because it is valueable information. For example, you might put your ad on Site A and show it 100 times and you get one person who joins your offer. On Site B however, you have to show your offer 500 times to get one person to join. So the quality of the traffic in terms of results from Site A is of course better. But you can still use traffic from places like ‘Site B’ – send a mix of ‘good and ‘not so good’ traffic to your offer page with you banner on it. You should still get people who join your offer and you will get volume traffic, so will be getting more banner ad credits at the same time. Often, if you know where to look, the ‘Site B’ basic kind of sites are much easier to accumulate credits in – fast – some of them like real fast! So that is why they are still of use to us, because we don’t have to sit all day clicking the credits to send to our splash pages.

You can see more on how to get this ‘basic kind of traffic’ HERE (just focus on the basic sites, dont worry about the co-op sites for this exercise). I will be doing another updated post on this in the future, but this will do to give you an idea for now. Makes sense right?

Note: This kind of lower quality traffic is OK and safe enough to send to your site in a mix with other better quality hit. NEVER send auto traffic – it can and probably will cause problems for your site, especially if it is one you are trying to rank in the search engines!

You can see how I have made a couple of fairly basic splash pages that work to get me referrals in particular programs AND I also am getting banner credits on various networks at the same time from all the visits to further increase my weekly advertising. You can see them Here and also Here.

I use a good portion of all this ‘extra advertising ‘ to promote my GDI and TW links ๐Ÿ™‚


So getting back to our example site, Bucket of Banners to break this down and see what you need.



Now, not all banner exchange sites have the same layout. So you will have to hunt around on them until you find what you need. You are looking for where it says something like ‘banner exchange code’.








From the dashboard in BOB, I found what I was looking for under ‘Get impressions’ and then clicked another item ‘Banner exchange code’.


This is what you want. Remember your notepad txt file? Copy and paste the line of code into it. Dont forget to put a note to help you remember things later if you need to. Remember, you are going to find the notepad file gets full pretty fast.



Once you got you line of code (actually it sometimes be multiple lines of code – you have to be 100% accurate with your copy and pasting so as to avoid problems you have to fix later), you can then go ahead and paste it into your page where you want it to display. Don’t forget to save and then all you have to do it ‘turn on ‘ the traffic – oh and then go and ‘spend’ the banner credits later ๐Ÿ™‚

Another thing to note, there are a number of Text ad sites around now, some that are very well established and give good results. They have a text ad exchange code you can place on you site to get text ad credits. The principle is the same as for the banner ads.

Also if you noticed, one of the splash pages showed you the #1Profitring siteย  Did you see I have a banner near the bottom for BOB, so I earn banner credits with every visitor. It also has the ‘webring box’ which earn advertising credits and CASH on the #1profitring site (getting great advertising results from here too at the moment). People pay on that network to advertise in your box! As well as that, you are advertising an offer to people viewing the page, so you may get referrals. Aanndd… you are getting people on the page, which is on your site and if they spend a bit of time , this will also help your website ranking in google. Can you start to see how many ways (4 or 5?) it is possible to benefit from these kind of pages?

Building some of these can take up a little time, but it is time well spent. The end result can pay off big time and they can keep working for you for ages. I started out on Blogger before I started using wordpress. WordPress is great and We are so lucky with the convenient setup we have with GDI. It is a truly great way to cut your teeth on your early sites and speed up your learning with sitebuilding and things like SEO and getting traffic to offers etc. I hope you found it useful


Best Free Banner Exchanges on ‘Free Banner Hits’ site. Check this out for useful banner exchanges to use.

If you search Google for ‘free banner hits’, this should still be number one. My older site that I made first on blogger may still be number two. That one is pretty ugly and dated, but still earns me credits and sometimes referrals still.







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