How to get quality traffic to your website

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As we are all no doubt well aware, we need traffic to our sites or offers. Traffic is the lifeblood of online business and can keep things moving smoothly. The methods for how to get quality traffic to your website may not be known by all, but you will see a simple and effective way to get started here.


It is important to remember that there is a vast difference in the quality of traffic out there and I am talking about trafic that converts. Traffic that will actively engage with your content, click on your offers or join your referral links. It is no use getting thousands of visits or ‘hits’ to your website if you end up getting no results, especially if it costs you time and effort setting it up in the first place.


The top 25 best converting traffic sites

the top 25 best converting traffic sites

Over the last few months I have seen a rapid increase in results by doing one simple and excellent thing! I joined a FREE to join program called Your Viral Mailer.

This can really help you build your list very quickly (which is a ‘must do’ in this day and age) as well allowing you to mail out to a responsive group of people.

But the best part is that owner Matthew Graves is a very knowledgable marketer and tracks traffic results to see what sites are performing the best. This is incredibly powerful and allows you to focus your marketing by joining and using the top performing programs to get maximum results quickly.

Most of the programs you will see in the list have a free to join option and I am still a free member in a few. My strategy though has been to upgrade in them once I have earned a little money to further increase the benefits available to me. The higher membership levels allow you to mail out to more members, more often.

Links to join selected Mailers that I belong to, use, know and trust are listed below. They will be updated regularly so check back in on theis post from time to time. I will appreciate itif you join through my links and do occassionally pass on bonuses to my downline members.


Another general tip I think is worth mentioning is I also look out for lifetime membership offers. This will mean you may have to hand over a bit more upfront, but will save you a lot of money in the long run with no monthly payment or ‘budget’ hassles to worry about.

how to get quality traffic to your site


So the first thing I would recommend you do is join up at Your Viral Mailer for free. This is another great responsive mailer you can add to your list and you can get started building your list too.



Note: The listings below may or may not be currently showing in the top 25 list. All shown here are consistent top level performers that are proven performers and regularly feature in this list.



Viral Commissions




Mister Safelist

Free Safelist Mailer



State Of The Art Mailer (SOTAM)


European Safelist



Knowing how to get quality traffic to your website quickly through a very simple method like this is invaluable. When I first came across it, I almost passed it over before it sank in. There are thousands of Mailer/Safelists and Traffic Exchanges out there, but they are not all the same in terms of what they deliver for you. Refer back to this list often, join a few more and be disciplined in your approach to your advertising. Don’t think of your advertising as something ‘you will around to doing’. Do it without delay and do it to some kind of schedule and you WILL see results with these.








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