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Getting Started With Cloud Token Wallet

Available For Apple And Android Mobile Devices Only

Scan The QR Code Or Go To Cloudtokenwallet.Com

Choose The Version For Your Device And Click 'Create Account'.

NOTE: Apple users may need to adjust their settings to allow the app to successfully download. Go to ->Settings->General->Device Management --> Click on YFC Technologies and click trust


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Much more detailed, step by step instructions on Getting Started with Cloud Token Wallet, how to install the app, backup your important security information and how to deposit some crypto can be seen on our team page. Click the button to open a new window. But please use your sponsor's referral code above to join though, so you can qualify for the team marketing benefits at the bottom of this page.


How to get started with cloud token

Detailed Instructions

Our step by step instructions make it very quick and easy to get set up and earning

What Is Cloud Token And How To Share This App

You Dont Have To Share To Earn.. But The Rewards Are HUGE!

In this video, team leader Chase Swift shows the Cloud Wallet Token app in action. You get to see how it all works, the various features and functions and a great overview of how it makes the money from crypto arbitrage.

Cloud Token Has The Potential To Rise 100X In Value.

Now IS EXACTLY The Right Time To Get In On This!


Get Started With Cloud Token Wallet

How to transfer bitcoin into your cloud token wallet

Simple, Easy To follow Instructions Make This A Piece Of Cake

How to transfer bitcoin into your cloud token wallet. Chase Swift does an expert job of demonstrating how easy it is to transfer whichever of the supported cryptocurrencies you wish to use. Transferring any kind of crypto can be a challenging task, especially if you are a bit new to all of this. The simple, step by step instructions shown in the video 'how to transfer bitcoin into your cloud token wallet' will have you thinking this is a piece of cake!

Now IS EXACTLY The Right Time To Get In On This!

How To Join Our Cloud Token Wallet Team

Get Your Own Landing Page Like This One To Help You Build A Team

Keep in mind, you don't have to share Cloud Token Wallet (CTW) with anyone to make money with it. Just having a wallet app on your phone and being able to earn about ~10% monthly (~0.33% daily) returns on your crypto you hold there is pretty cool by itself. But I'm sure you will be even more amazed at how good the rewards plan is and how well you could do from it just by sharing it with one or two people.

Every person you directly refer and who put in at least $500 worth of crypto into the JARVIS AI ($600 recommended), you will be paid a 100% matching bonus on their earnings! Lets say for example you refer John. John sees the great earning potential in CTW and loves the idea of passive income. So he deposits $1,000 worth of crypto and as a result, he earns about $100 a month paid to him in Cloud Tokens (average earnings range from 8% to 12% a month). That means you will also earn a $100 monthly matching bonus. This is paid out to you in CLOUD token, daily, over the course of the month.

As you can see, this could quickly add up if you share even with a couple of friends.

Now we know its not always easy for people to know how to go about promoting or trying to build a team. So we have made it easy for you.

Here's what we are offering you to help you build a team.

You can get a landing page like this one - Hosted free.

Your Landing page will be placed on the team rotator and will receive free hits

You can get a simple email template with embedded explainer video links to share - saves you the time of explaining

You get access to a team Youtube playlist of all you need to know on Cloud Token

You can soon get an autoresponder letter series and capture page setup (being done now)


How to qualify and take advantage of all of this

First of all, you will see the name of your potential sponsor and their referral code on this page above and below. Join cloud token using their referral code.

Referral Code   4876064655

Next, join our team's Facebook group. When joining you'll be asked who referred you, so use their name.

Once you have done these things, you can email your sponsor, introduce yourself and tell them your User ID (which is a 16 digit number - it could be your future credit card number). They can then verify you are in their downline and they can pass on your details - name and referral code number to the team leader to have your page built.



Remember, you can join Cloud Token Wallet for FREE. You can also join us in our Facebook group for tool tips and support completely FREE too! Getting Started With Cloud Token Wallet is easy and it allows you to check everything out at your own pace!



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