Basic Traffic Source For Splash Pages

Basic Traffic Source For Splash Pages

web traffic to your siteThis training post will guide you in setting up a basic traffic source for splash pages that we show you how to make. It also can be used to send traffic to certain websites called traffic Co-op’s.

As most of us probably are aware, there some really good traffic exchange sites out there, but there are a lot of crappy ones too. There is no doubt it is easy to just go out and find new TE’s daily and sign up with them. We can then spend a little time clicking and earning some credits, add our target site URL into that system and assign some of our credits to them. By spending a little time setting all this up, you can soon see there is quite a reasonable amount of traffic coming in from those sites and viewing your target site that you added. The big question though, is “Is this useful traffic?”

The thing you should realise is Not all website traffic is equal. Ask your self this. Are you getting results from your TE (traffic exchange) traffic? Importantly, are you able to make sales, get referrals, signups or commissions, advertising and banner credits?

On some TE’s it could be a situation where you find you have to spend a 1000 credits or hits to get just one conversion (a sale, signup, referral etc) compared to on another site where it is maybe more like 200 credits for one sale etc. Its a no-brainer which one you would prefer, right? So what if I told you that even this ‘lower conversion’ or ‘lower quality’ is actually useful?

I will show you a way to join a specific kind of TE sites where we can get lots of credits very quickly (even if it is on lower converting traffic exchanges). We then use those credits efficiently to earn in multiple ways by setting up a free traffic system where we dont have to spend a lot of time. We effectively will be converting that large number of credits into higher quality advertising on some other select sites. These sites have much better conversions for our offers or programs. The beauty in this system is that once it is set up, it would only require us to maintain with a small amount of time a few times a month.

I currently have a few such systems in place and they run 24/7 and mostly all I do is sign in to the sites once or twice a month, occassionally do a little clicking (for example, sometimes there may be a requirement you surf 50 sites minimuma month) and assigning of credits and thats it. These systems run for me all the rest of time, 99% on auto. This is what I want to show you how to set up for yourself, a system that overall requires relatively little time for quite large and long returns.


A splash page example built around #1Profitring. We send traffic to it from our basic traffic source. In return, we get a lot from the #1Profitring website.

We earn high quality advertising and banner credits, referrals and commissions when they upgrade, and a little cash for page visitors from the webring box displayed on the splash page (so we are effectively getting paid to advertise our own page!).




How do we benefit from this basic traffic source?

You can see more on which traffic exchange sites are my most favoured on some of my other posts along with all the reasons why. But for this exercise, we will be using what I refer to as ‘basic traffic exchanges’. Do get me wrong, many of these sites have many features and are far from basic, but from my experience I have only gotten ‘basic’ results from them and I only use them for a ‘basic’ function. So thats why I refer to them as that. These ‘basic sites’ serve well to get quick and easy traffic to send to another site where the results you receive will be far superior. You will see some basic traffic exchange (BTE) examples near the bottom of this post.

We ‘clean up’ the traffic from the BTE’s by sending it to a few select website programs where we have learnt they give you something(s) in return for it. You can get advertising credits or banner credits, or even some small amount of cash from them. Or a combination of some of them.

Over my many years of online experience I have found that there are actually heaps of places where we can use this kind of traffic source to our advantage. A lot of what I am showing here has come about from countless hours of trial and error and finally figuring out what works and what doesn’t. To keep things simple, this post will just concentrate on showing you two examples of how to put this into practice.

Target site 1:

The first example of our ‘target sites’ (where we send this traffic to ) is a website called #1Profitring. It is a great site for advertising and I have had heaps of advertising and banner credits, referrals, commissions and cash paid for ads run in my #1Profitring webring box. The webring box is some html code you put into your website post, such as a splash page, and it shows an ad to every visitor. You get paid a small amount for this and it adds up over time.

You can see more of how this works in this video on how to make a simple splash page for #1Profitring.



Note: You will see in this video that I include some banner code in the splash page from Buckets of Banners, a banner exchange program where you earn banner advertising credits for every visitor who views the page. Just another added bonus you can include if you want.





There are many other sites we can use as ‘target sites’ too, where we send the basic traffic to. Some are banner exchanges and others are called traffic co-ops. They are kind of like a TE that exchanges traffic between many sites cooperatively. We will use one of these traffic co-op sites in the second example.

Target site 2:

The site we will focus on here is called Cooperative Marketing Group. Now there is one thing to remember here, they dont accept traffic from all TE’s, only the ones in a specified list in the back office. You can find that list under the top menu item – Co-ops / approved sources. From that list, I use one particular site called Xtreme Surf. So in the diagram you can see the order, or flow of the traffic if you like. Eventually it gets to where we want it, which is advertisng your GDI link (or other target site).

Basic Traffic Source For GDI Splash Pages


So one important thing to note is that you MUST make sure you use the Cooperative Marketing COOP URL on Xtreme Surf. This can be found under the top menu item – Co-ops/ My Co-op Stats.

These are free to join.

basic traffic source





How to set up the Basic traffic source for splash pages



The sites we use for our ‘basic traffic source’ are all based on the Real Time Script. This means they are all pretty similar in design and function, but not all of them support the same features. A lot of the site set up is of course up to the individual preference of owner or admin.

Some of the owners have special offers to entice new members. For example, one I joined recently gave 5000 credits and also an upgrade from pro (standard member) to lifetime JV (medium membership) just for joining and surfing 100 sites. That’s a pretty healthy start towards getting some decent free website traffic to our target! They often have paid upgrade options, but I always use free. Sometimes you will see some of them give a code as a promotion to upgrade to SuperJV, which is the top membership level. You will see many of these similar sites advertised when you are in the surf bar. Look out for good offers!

These sites also differ in that some just feature surfing, but the ones we want will ideally have both surfing and solo ads. The reason for this is you can find different areas on the website where you can view solo ads to earn credits. Sometimes, a lot of credits,  and you can earn them really fast! Remember, a major appeal of this whole strategy is that it helps save you a mass of time in the long run.


You can always try to find more of the basic sites. I make it a habit to try and join one or two new ones a month. There really are many of them. I currently belong to around 80. Often you will see one close, but every week there are many more new ones to try out. This is where you will have to experiment yourself, try some out for yourself. The more you ‘play around’ with them, the more you will learn and understand how you can leverage them to do work for you and you will gain valuable experience.

Again you just want them to be able to accumulate credits quickly, which will equate to free website traffic for you. Either by you clicking solo ads, where you can get credits fast, or by surfing – many of them give 3, 4, or even more credits per site viewed. Usually they only have about a 4 or 5 second timer. So even surfing on them can be a quick way of getting credits fast.

I have a second laptop that uses Firefox browser. I have installed an add-on called tab auto refresh. I set this to run when surfing these basic sites, I set the timer to 20 seconds and select the option ‘Reset Tab’.

how to set up a basic traffic source for GDI splash pages

In the example above, you will see from the menu on the left unclaimed credits. Click it open and then click View Solo Ads. You usually will get a good amount of credits for viewing a solo ad for around 10 seconds.. very fast! Also on the ‘Earn menu’, look out for some kind of network ads. They can be named differently in different sites as there are many networks. In this example, it says View Recharge Network Ads. On the right you can see you get 500 credits for viewing one solo ad! These credits add up fast.

You would then go to the menu and under Advertising, add in your website. For our target site 1: #1Profitring, you would add your splash page URL that you want to send hits to.

For our target site 2: You will send traffic to your Xtreme Surf link, as you learned above. In your Xtreme surf backoffice, you will be advertising your Cooperative Marketing Group Coop URL and you will earn credits from all of the Xtreme surf visitors. You will then advertise your GDI team link or landing page, your Virtual Wealth System referral link or perhaps even something else you wish to promote.


NOTE: Never send any kind of autosurf traffic to a TE Co-op or a spalsh page with your #1Profitring webring on it. The traffic is monitored by those sites and you will be banned.

So that is pretty much ‘one little system’ you can use that once set up, will run 24/7 pushing traffic through it until it gets to your target site. It really doesn’t take much effort to maintain it by topping up the credits in the basic sites once in a while. Make a point to log into them at least once a month to check on everything, as a lot of them give you a bonus ad pack each month for signing in at least once.


Basic Traffic Source Sites

basic traffic source for GDI splash pages



basic traffic source for GDI splash pages and traffic co-ops



earn online income from home



basic traffic source to promote GDI splash pages



Get more traffic to your GDI team links



how to get more traffic to GDI links




These are just a few examples for now. Check back later as there could be more updated here. I am always learning, tweaking, adapting, as you will learn to do too.





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