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How to make money like a bank and retain control of it

How to make money like a bank and retain control of it.

Would you and perhaps many people you know want to grow your money by 20% or more every month, all while you maintain control of it? That question is a real attention getter and no wonder because this financial publishing company has multiple solid and proven ways of growing and protecting your money. These are the two key principal foundations they have built everything on. They also never touch any members money at all, you always have control.

Now they have just introduced what is surely the biggest opportunity in the history of MLM, and that is not hype as you will see for yourself.  You are in the right place at the right time, the very beginning, to be able to capitalize on it.

Basically its an automated Forex product that gives life changing, compounded daily returns. This was previously only available to institutional level traders, but now this company has secured exclusive rights and created a partneship that is a real game changer. Not only will this allow all members to build a significant compounding income, but it will also act as a huge magnet, drawing in others to the system too.

Soon all members will have their own additional replicated site which explains this amazing Forex product and earning opportunity to new prospects. This also walks them right through to how to get signed up. This site will do most of the work in building a team under you in an already lucrative matrix system.

All you have to do right now is very simple. Watch the videos below and have a read through the other key information on this post. If you like what you see (and why wouldn't you?) and want to learn more, the best thing you could do is join the Facebook group through the details given below. It is all obligation free to come in and learn in a helpful and friendly atmosphere, where many people will be happy to share information and answer any questions you may have.



In this video Chase Swift talks about a life changing financial opportunity where you can learn How to make money like a bank while always maintaining control of it. He explains how the banks are doing it and gives examples that clearly show why this should be investigated and is worth some of your time to check it out.

As Albert Einstein famously said 'compounding interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it. He who doesn't, pays it'.



Unifii Presentation November 2018 With Major Updates. Presented by John Kinnear and Shane Carling.


Here are the key points in this amazing opportunity…

1. Acess to Daily Forex signals plus a completely automated* Forex product that gives life changing, compounded daily returns ( * Semi automated only for USA and Canada following local regulations - in all other countries it can be completely automated with the PAMM system. There is a complete training and a simple solution for USA/Canada members that will potentially allow them to earn even more).

2. The trading results are third party verified. So however incredible the results may seem, they are 100% correct! The CEO is typically a very conservative person when presenting things. He is actually uncomfortable about having a compounding calculator and showing the results, simply because the returns are so big!

3. The Institutional trading partners are giving very safe, consistent returns long term. They are quite conservative in their approach but have been doing this long enough to know when to take advantage of certain opportunities when they present themselves. There are specific sets of indicators they look for and use. They already trade 100’s of millions of dollars for clients, so their experience is without a doubt.

4. The Forex market is worth around $5.3 Trillion per day. The huge liquidity in the market ensures sustainability of income and ease of money movement.

5. With this opportunity, the company never touches members money or makes commissions in any way. Members money is 100% safe and accessible to them at all times in their own secure, regulated broker account with a multi award winning broker.

7. Combine this new Forex (FX) product with one of the very best pay plans in the industry, and their other Crypto signals that are earning members significant returns…and it really doesn’t get better than this! They have just completed an upgrade to the pay plan too, so now they pay out even more money up front and into the matrix earnings for all members. Remember, this new FX opportunity is going to significantly help grow members matrix earning ability because many people are interested in the forex market and want an easy, accessible way in.

So be in no doubt guys. This is probably the biggest opportunity of the year and most likely in the history of MLM and you are in exactly the right place at the right time. It really doesn’t get better than this!

Even starting out with fairly smallish amounts can add up to eye catching numbers quite quickly when compounding is at work. Banks know this and always take advantage of it. Now we have a game changing chance to capitalize on this too with this exciting new exclusive opportunity.


Universal signal compounding calculator

Have a play with this calculator to see what is possible, even in a fairly small timeframe. Click the picture to open a new tab.



The intro video shown earlier gives a brief view into some important aspects and prepares you for the main presentation which is very in depth and covers everything. You will appreciate the two main principals which are growing and most importantly, protecting your wealth. A big part of what they share is about empowering people through helping educate them and allowing them to raise their financial IQ.

Knowledge is power and we are all able to learn so much through what is provided from the leaders, online in the backoffice resources such as Prosperity U (university) and also from the close knit team in the Facebook support group. There is so much this opportunity has to offer you and so much to take in. Too much for one post. That is why we strongly recommend you join our group.




The FB group is here. In here you'll find a fantastic environment to get your bearings, ask questions, find up to date information and see informative and helpful posts from active and friendly people.

Below is the email template mentioned in the intro video How to make money like a bank and retain control of it:



Heads up!

Unifii just changed the game overnight for those searching for their lucky break to get huge returns, legally and ethically.

They just got an exclusive to bring us Forex trading with 20-30% + returns per month - and they made it EASY for everyone.

If you live outside the US, Canada and North Korea, you can literally have a team do the trading for you and you have access to this, starting with very little capital.

If you live in the US and Canada they have a solution for you, though it can't be entirely hands-free but it's as easy as it needs to be to cash in.

Here are the videos:

How to make money like a bank and retain control of it

Unifii Presentation November 2018 With Major Updates
With John kinnear and Shane C

This is a game changer for you and your family. Don't miss out on this announcement!



So now you have access to what some are calling a real game changer. The addition of a new exclusive Forex product adds to the already impressive lineup of financial and educational products this financial publishing company have to offer. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain just by doing one simple thing. Join us in the facebook group where you wont be pressured at all, but you will be educated and informed. I am certain that once you see and understand more about all of this, you too will realize it is the only place you need to be to earn significant online income (and protect it).

Knowing How to make money like a bank and retain control of it can empower you and your family for many generations to come.


If you feel you have enough information and want to get started, you can go ahead and join now

Otherwise I would really recommend joining our Facebook group above to learn more first.






Basic Traffic Source For Splash Pages

Basic Traffic Source For Splash Pages

web traffic to your siteThis training post will guide you in setting up a basic traffic source for splash pages that we show you how to make. It also can be used to send traffic to certain websites called traffic Co-op’s.

As most of us probably are aware, there some really good traffic exchange sites out there, but there are a lot of crappy ones too. There is no doubt it is easy to just go out and find new TE’s daily and sign up with them. We can then spend a little time clicking and earning some credits, add our target site URL into that system and assign some of our credits to them. By spending a little time setting all this up, you can soon see there is quite a reasonable amount of traffic coming in from those sites and viewing your target site that you added. The big question though, is “Is this useful traffic?”

The thing you should realise is Not all website traffic is equal. Ask your self this. Are you getting results from your TE (traffic exchange) traffic? Importantly, are you able to make sales, get referrals, signups or commissions, advertising and banner credits?

On some TE’s it could be a situation where you find you have to spend a 1000 credits or hits to get just one conversion (a sale, signup, referral etc) compared to on another site where it is maybe more like 200 credits for one sale etc. Its a no-brainer which one you would prefer, right? So what if I told you that even this ‘lower conversion’ or ‘lower quality’ is actually useful?

I will show you a way to join a specific kind of TE sites where we can get lots of credits very quickly (even if it is on lower converting traffic exchanges). We then use those credits efficiently to earn in multiple ways by setting up a free traffic system where we dont have to spend a lot of time. We effectively will be converting that large number of credits into higher quality advertising on some other select sites. These sites have much better conversions for our offers or programs. The beauty in this system is that once it is set up, it would only require us to maintain with a small amount of time a few times a month.

I currently have a few such systems in place and they run 24/7 and mostly all I do is sign in to the sites once or twice a month, occassionally do a little clicking (for example, sometimes there may be a requirement you surf 50 sites minimuma month) and assigning of credits and thats it. These systems run for me all the rest of time, 99% on auto. This is what I want to show you how to set up for yourself, a system that overall requires relatively little time for quite large and long returns.


A splash page example built around #1Profitring. We send traffic to it from our basic traffic source. In return, we get a lot from the #1Profitring website.

We earn high quality advertising and banner credits, referrals and commissions when they upgrade, and a little cash for page visitors from the webring box displayed on the splash page (so we are effectively getting paid to advertise our own page!).




How do we benefit from this basic traffic source?

You can see more on which traffic exchange sites are my most favoured on some of my other posts along with all the reasons why. But for this exercise, we will be using what I refer to as ‘basic traffic exchanges’. Do get me wrong, many of these sites have many features and are far from basic, but from my experience I have only gotten ‘basic’ results from them and I only use them for a ‘basic’ function. So thats why I refer to them as that. These ‘basic sites’ serve well to get quick and easy traffic to send to another site where the results you receive will be far superior. You will see some basic traffic exchange (BTE) examples near the bottom of this post.

We ‘clean up’ the traffic from the BTE’s by sending it to a few select website programs where we have learnt they give you something(s) in return for it. You can get advertising credits or banner credits, or even some small amount of cash from them. Or a combination of some of them.

Over my many years of online experience I have found that there are actually heaps of places where we can use this kind of traffic source to our advantage. A lot of what I am showing here has come about from countless hours of trial and error and finally figuring out what works and what doesn’t. To keep things simple, this post will just concentrate on showing you two examples of how to put this into practice.

Target site 1:

The first example of our ‘target sites’ (where we send this traffic to ) is a website called #1Profitring. It is a great site for advertising and I have had heaps of advertising and banner credits, referrals, commissions and cash paid for ads run in my #1Profitring webring box. The webring box is some html code you put into your website post, such as a splash page, and it shows an ad to every visitor. You get paid a small amount for this and it adds up over time.

You can see more of how this works in this video on how to make a simple splash page for #1Profitring.



Note: You will see in this video that I include some banner code in the splash page from Buckets of Banners, a banner exchange program where you earn banner advertising credits for every visitor who views the page. Just another added bonus you can include if you want.





There are many other sites we can use as ‘target sites’ too, where we send the basic traffic to. Some are banner exchanges and others are called traffic co-ops. They are kind of like a TE that exchanges traffic between many sites cooperatively. We will use one of these traffic co-op sites in the second example.

Target site 2:

The site we will focus on here is called Cooperative Marketing Group. Now there is one thing to remember here, they dont accept traffic from all TE’s, only the ones in a specified list in the back office. You can find that list under the top menu item – Co-ops / approved sources. From that list, I use one particular site called Xtreme Surf. So in the diagram you can see the order, or flow of the traffic if you like. Eventually it gets to where we want it, which is advertisng your GDI link (or other target site).

Basic Traffic Source For GDI Splash Pages


So one important thing to note is that you MUST make sure you use the Cooperative Marketing COOP URL on Xtreme Surf. This can be found under the top menu item – Co-ops/ My Co-op Stats.

These are free to join.

basic traffic source





How to set up the Basic traffic source for splash pages



The sites we use for our ‘basic traffic source’ are all based on the Real Time Script. This means they are all pretty similar in design and function, but not all of them support the same features. A lot of the site set up is of course up to the individual preference of owner or admin.

Some of the owners have special offers to entice new members. For example, one I joined recently gave 5000 credits and also an upgrade from pro (standard member) to lifetime JV (medium membership) just for joining and surfing 100 sites. That’s a pretty healthy start towards getting some decent free website traffic to our target! They often have paid upgrade options, but I always use free. Sometimes you will see some of them give a code as a promotion to upgrade to SuperJV, which is the top membership level. You will see many of these similar sites advertised when you are in the surf bar. Look out for good offers!

These sites also differ in that some just feature surfing, but the ones we want will ideally have both surfing and solo ads. The reason for this is you can find different areas on the website where you can view solo ads to earn credits. Sometimes, a lot of credits,  and you can earn them really fast! Remember, a major appeal of this whole strategy is that it helps save you a mass of time in the long run.


You can always try to find more of the basic sites. I make it a habit to try and join one or two new ones a month. There really are many of them. I currently belong to around 80. Often you will see one close, but every week there are many more new ones to try out. This is where you will have to experiment yourself, try some out for yourself. The more you ‘play around’ with them, the more you will learn and understand how you can leverage them to do work for you and you will gain valuable experience.

Again you just want them to be able to accumulate credits quickly, which will equate to free website traffic for you. Either by you clicking solo ads, where you can get credits fast, or by surfing – many of them give 3, 4, or even more credits per site viewed. Usually they only have about a 4 or 5 second timer. So even surfing on them can be a quick way of getting credits fast.

I have a second laptop that uses Firefox browser. I have installed an add-on called tab auto refresh. I set this to run when surfing these basic sites, I set the timer to 20 seconds and select the option ‘Reset Tab’.

how to set up a basic traffic source for GDI splash pages

In the example above, you will see from the menu on the left unclaimed credits. Click it open and then click View Solo Ads. You usually will get a good amount of credits for viewing a solo ad for around 10 seconds.. very fast! Also on the ‘Earn menu’, look out for some kind of network ads. They can be named differently in different sites as there are many networks. In this example, it says View Recharge Network Ads. On the right you can see you get 500 credits for viewing one solo ad! These credits add up fast.

You would then go to the menu and under Advertising, add in your website. For our target site 1: #1Profitring, you would add your splash page URL that you want to send hits to.

For our target site 2: You will send traffic to your Xtreme Surf link, as you learned above. In your Xtreme surf backoffice, you will be advertising your Cooperative Marketing Group Coop URL and you will earn credits from all of the Xtreme surf visitors. You will then advertise your GDI team link or landing page, your Virtual Wealth System referral link or perhaps even something else you wish to promote.


NOTE: Never send any kind of autosurf traffic to a TE Co-op or a spalsh page with your #1Profitring webring on it. The traffic is monitored by those sites and you will be banned.

So that is pretty much ‘one little system’ you can use that once set up, will run 24/7 pushing traffic through it until it gets to your target site. It really doesn’t take much effort to maintain it by topping up the credits in the basic sites once in a while. Make a point to log into them at least once a month to check on everything, as a lot of them give you a bonus ad pack each month for signing in at least once.


Basic Traffic Source Sites

basic traffic source for GDI splash pages



basic traffic source for GDI splash pages and traffic co-ops



earn online income from home



basic traffic source to promote GDI splash pages



Get more traffic to your GDI team links



how to get more traffic to GDI links




These are just a few examples for now. Check back later as there could be more updated here. I am always learning, tweaking, adapting, as you will learn to do too.





An innovative Traffic Exchange like no other.

If you want more great advertising and a way to build bitcoin, this is it.




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How to get unlimited banner advertising working for you

Different methods of getting unlimited banner advertising working for you


Banner advertising is often underestimated by people in regards of how effective it can be and also actually how ‘low maintenance’ they really are. They are very easy to set up and they just keep working for you, advertising your offer or sites 24/7. What’s not to like about that?


free banner advertising

In this post I will show you how to get unlimited banner advertising working for you with a few easy to set up methods.


To save time and keep organized, I keep a handy notepad file with all of my banner names and relevant information in it. I make sure I have the name and the banner image file link  – http:…. blahblah.gif   Usually it ends in a .jpg .gif or more commonly these days, a newer format .png .

Just for convenience, I also put 468 after the banner file name for the 468 x 60 size banner or 125 for the 125 x 125 Square banner or button banner as they are sometimes called. Not all websites allow all sizes, so you must check. Also I have the destination URL – where the visitor will go to once they have clicked the banner. There are also larger 728 x 90 ‘Leaderboard’ banners, but I find many sites nowadays aren’t using them.

So once you are armed with all of your handy banner information in your notepad file, it is then a fairly simple process of copy and pasting the relevant info into the correct fields on the sites you wish to advertise on. A few tips here. Take your time and always check the banner is displaying correctly on the site before you exit. Some sites may not warn you if there is a problem.

Now, a great source of unlimited banner advertsing (that isn’t widely known it seems) comes from within TrafficWave.  Just recently I was chatting with a fellow TW member and they struggled to recall where in the TW backoffice they could even set up a banner. Geez.. an opportunity like this.. you must use it! 🙂

If you are in your account, you will see along the top menus where it says ‘Extras’, hover over it and a dropdown menu will appear

set up trafficwave banners


Click on ‘Banner Campaigns’ to take you to the next step.


training for setting up unlimited traficwave banners


Then you will click on the button ‘Create New banner Campaign’ on the lower right.


seeting up banners - training


Now the next menu is where you will input your details for the banner you want to display. There is one difference with TrafficWave however. You can choose to upload the banner you want to display onto their server. This helps keep the load times for it displaying quite fast. I would recommend doing this. So it is a little different, but very straightforward. Go to the site you belong to and find the image (banner) on the site you want to display. Put the mouse pointer over it, right click and choose ‘Save image as’ . Save it to your PC folder.


Now in the TW banner campaign manager you can choose to ‘upload banner image’ from the folder you saved it to before. Always double check things look right and don’t forget to click save before exiting.

I have had upward of 60 banners before and it takes a little while to set them all up. I often log in a couple of times a week and check on them, add one or two more or delete any old ones. Eventually you are going to end up having quite a few of them showing. It is a very easy way to set up longterm advertising that will continually work for you around the clock. Just another great benefit of being a TW member! 🙂


Another great way to get thousands of banner impressions

Now the next method involves signing up to some ‘banner exchanges’ and get some banner code to put on a web post/page/blog of yours somewhere. There are many options for those of you who don’t yet have your own website. For example or I will include the links near the bottom of this post to some other popular banner exchanges I am using successfully.

So if you look towrds the bottom of this page, you will see a banner displaying and it is from the Bucket of banners network. That is going to be our example for this post. Everyone that visits this page earns me banner credits on the Bucket of Banners network. Quite simple right? Now we can take it a step further. I can advertise my site on other sites like mailer programs or traffic exchanges and when more people look at my post – more banner credits! Then I can even take it another step further again.

Not all web traffic is the same in terms of quality! Read that again and remember it, because it is valueable information. For example, you might put your ad on Site A and show it 100 times and you get one person who joins your offer. On Site B however, you have to show your offer 500 times to get one person to join. So the quality of the traffic in terms of results from Site A is of course better. But you can still use traffic from places like ‘Site B’ – send a mix of ‘good and ‘not so good’ traffic to your offer page with you banner on it. You should still get people who join your offer and you will get volume traffic, so will be getting more banner ad credits at the same time. Often, if you know where to look, the ‘Site B’ basic kind of sites are much easier to accumulate credits in – fast – some of them like real fast! So that is why they are still of use to us, because we don’t have to sit all day clicking the credits to send to our splash pages.

You can see more on how to get this ‘basic kind of traffic’ HERE (just focus on the basic sites, dont worry about the co-op sites for this exercise). I will be doing another updated post on this in the future, but this will do to give you an idea for now. Makes sense right?

Note: This kind of lower quality traffic is OK and safe enough to send to your site in a mix with other better quality hit. NEVER send auto traffic – it can and probably will cause problems for your site, especially if it is one you are trying to rank in the search engines!

You can see how I have made a couple of fairly basic splash pages that work to get me referrals in particular programs AND I also am getting banner credits on various networks at the same time from all the visits to further increase my weekly advertising. You can see them Here and also Here.

I use a good portion of all this ‘extra advertising ‘ to promote my GDI and TW links 🙂


So getting back to our example site, Bucket of Banners to break this down and see what you need.



Now, not all banner exchange sites have the same layout. So you will have to hunt around on them until you find what you need. You are looking for where it says something like ‘banner exchange code’.








From the dashboard in BOB, I found what I was looking for under ‘Get impressions’ and then clicked another item ‘Banner exchange code’.


This is what you want. Remember your notepad txt file? Copy and paste the line of code into it. Dont forget to put a note to help you remember things later if you need to. Remember, you are going to find the notepad file gets full pretty fast.



Once you got you line of code (actually it sometimes be multiple lines of code – you have to be 100% accurate with your copy and pasting so as to avoid problems you have to fix later), you can then go ahead and paste it into your page where you want it to display. Don’t forget to save and then all you have to do it ‘turn on ‘ the traffic – oh and then go and ‘spend’ the banner credits later 🙂

Another thing to note, there are a number of Text ad sites around now, some that are very well established and give good results. They have a text ad exchange code you can place on you site to get text ad credits. The principle is the same as for the banner ads.

Also if you noticed, one of the splash pages showed you the #1Profitring site  Did you see I have a banner near the bottom for BOB, so I earn banner credits with every visitor. It also has the ‘webring box’ which earn advertising credits and CASH on the #1profitring site (getting great advertising results from here too at the moment). People pay on that network to advertise in your box! As well as that, you are advertising an offer to people viewing the page, so you may get referrals. Aanndd… you are getting people on the page, which is on your site and if they spend a bit of time , this will also help your website ranking in google. Can you start to see how many ways (4 or 5?) it is possible to benefit from these kind of pages?

Building some of these can take up a little time, but it is time well spent. The end result can pay off big time and they can keep working for you for ages. I started out on Blogger before I started using wordpress. WordPress is great and We are so lucky with the convenient setup we have with GDI. It is a truly great way to cut your teeth on your early sites and speed up your learning with sitebuilding and things like SEO and getting traffic to offers etc. I hope you found it useful


Best Free Banner Exchanges on ‘Free Banner Hits’ site. Check this out for useful banner exchanges to use.

If you search Google for ‘free banner hits’, this should still be number one. My older site that I made first on blogger may still be number two. That one is pretty ugly and dated, but still earns me credits and sometimes referrals still.







How to get more TrafficWave referrals

how to get more trafficwave referrals fast

Wondering how to get more Trafficwave referrals?

Well wonder no more!

Want to become a new Trafficwave affiliate?.. No Problem!
Existing TrafficWave member?.. No Problem!

Universal Team Build (UTB) has got you covered when it comes to building your downline. If you are serious about building a substantial longterm monthly income with TW (Trafficwave), then you should take a good look at what UTB can offer you.

UTB is a complete promotional system focused on helping members build their TrafficWave affiliate network in a simple and efficient manner. Read on to find out how this can help your bank account stay healthy!





Does TrafficWave Universal Team Build Work?

I hear you ask.. 🙂

Well, a month ago I cancelled my original TW account and created a new one. I signed up with Trafficwave for Profit because in my opinion it is the best TrafficWave Team to join to learn how to get new referrals into your TW system. They teach how to do this with the power of youtube videos and driving youtube traffic to your links. It is an amazing team with so much value for its members..

BUT… I still wanted to do more!

That’s when I found UTB and knew this was going to be HUGE and a perfect match to help build my team. From the time I joined UTB to the time of writing this post, I have got  61 subscribers (24 July) in my autoresponder (so on my list – don’t underestimate how important this will be for you later on). There are 42 referrals in the system, many of them as upgraded members, some as monthly recurring, that I received commissions from! One member even purchased a yearly upgrade. I also now have seven new TW members and that is a pretty amazing result in such a short time!




TW team members


Trafficwave Universal team build referrals



As you can see from the email and UTB backoffice images – YES, It works alright! It is the best response in  such a short space of time that I have ever seen with this kind of program. I have tried a few, so that is saying something.


take action and join trafficwave universal team build today



Getting started in the Trafficwave Universal Team Build system

With UTB, you can enter your existing TW member details into the system or if you are just starting out, you can join up and create a new account. It only takes a few minutes to do this. To create the new account, go to ‘Start Here’ from the top menu and choose Join TrafficWave now. The system ask you to join TW under the link of your UTB sponsor who bought you to this page. You should see their details listed near the bottom of the page.

Once you have done all of that, you will want to go to ‘Account’ and then ‘Profile’ and enter your details there. Double check there are no mistakes and click update. You especially want to get your TW username updated on your profile page ASAP or else you risk possibly losing referrals to someone else!

Next, have a look under the ‘Tutorials’ section and take a little time to go through them. There is a lot of important information in here. It will really help if you dont skip anything. You will especially need to go through the tutorials ‘Create New Campaign’ and ‘Import Letter Series’ which go through setting up everything in detail for your autoresponder to be able to do its job and handle your new prospects coming into the system. (at this stage of course, you should already have enrolled in TW – otherwise go and do that and come back to here)


Choosing your plan to get the best results

I would really recommend upgrading to the ultimate plan in UTB for the following reasons. First of all, it is extremely affordable for what you get in return – it’s only $10 per month and for this you could probably just do nothing and you will still get referrals and even commissions in UTB and TW. It works very well, but I would suggest being proactive to maximise your results. As an Ultimate member, your affiliate link is put in the rotator 3 times, so you are getting considerably more exposure.

If you are wanting to use TrafficWave as a regular monthly income source, your best bet is to get some referrals quite quickly. On your first level of TW, you can have 3 members, and for each of these you refer, you will then receive a $6 commission. When you have filled those first 3 positions, it means you are then covering your monthly subscription. From then on you will be in profit, which is great.

universal team build membership levels


Don’t forget, you then have 3 members in your downline who you can then communicate with and offer help to show them how to get their own referrals. They are then helping you to build your downline for you. Leverage. This is a powerful step in affiliate marketing that many people miss. If you help others, they then will help you later.



The upgraded plans will advertise your links on the UTB rotators to selected quality sites to ensure a steady stream of people exposed to them. You can of course (and should) do your own promotion at the same time. You’ll want to do as much as possible early on to attract in a good core group of new referrals who are helping you bring in referrals.

work from home with universal team build

The UTB system becomes very easy to understand once you have been using it for a short time. You will be able to assist others in getting set up or maybe give them tips on something that helps them in some way. For example, good places to advertise. Check they know how to do things, dont take it for granted as it is possible some members are still very new to doing even basic online things. Building trust with others you work with is valueable!


It is possible to remain as a free member in UTB, however I feel there is not any real benefit for doing so. You can of course earn 10% commissions but the system won’t really help you in very many ways to promote. And isn’t that the point of joining a program like this? Sure, there are promotional materials that may be useful, but you can find those in other, far better suited programs for free promotion.

All of the upgrades are affordable for what kind of results you can expect. If you put in a little effort with your upgraded membership level, it  would be reasonable to expect to be in profit and perhaps making a little extra money each month from the comfort of your home in no time. I think with UTB, penny pinching is not the way to go if you want to be on the fast track to profits. Get yourself upgraded, get moving and advertise like crazy for a month! See what kind of results you get and then weigh up your options. Then you can ask yourself “Is it worth spending another $10 bucks?”


Why choose Trafficwave?

Trafficwave is an excellent autoresponder and online marketing service. Arguably the best all-round, feature packed, great value service of its kind. Internet marketers can create advertising campaigns for marketing with email, and wonderful newsletters effortlessly. They are also able to follow up their business leads with ease.

With Trafficwave you get excellent features including unlimited autoresponders, endless lists, tracking, e-mail personalization, and unlimited broadcasts. You are able to easily develop emails using the WYSIWYG editor. With Trafficwave, you are only paying $17.95 per month for all of these incredible features as well as unlimited subscibers and lists! With most other well known autoresponder services, as your subscriber lists grow, you are going to be paying a lot more per month, possibly into the hundreds!

When you want to engage in a successful business, you must use reliable tools. For this reason, you want to use a product that has a proven record of achievements and reliability in the market. Trafficwave has a delivery rate of more than 99%, which is not surprising given their experience, having been around in the market for such a long time.

So all of this adds up to making TW a very desirable choice for many people, as it is both feature rich and affordable.

The only area with TW that quite a lot of people struggle with is how to get more trafficwave referrals into their downlines. I think for a lot of people, if this part was easier, it would certainly make a huge difference. It would take TW from being a great featured, affordable autoresponder service and transform it into the perfect AR service and online income source!


best way to get referrals in trafficwave


This is exactly where UTB comes in and can really make a big change for the better. If you choose to upgrade for the very affordable price, you pretty much are ensuring a constant stream of quality traffic will be hitting your affiliate URL. You will get up to 3 hosted squeeze pages (depending on the upgrade level) which are proving to convert very well.

UTB is proving to be the perfect partner for your TrafficWave account. If you are proactive with your marketing in conjunction with the programs rotators, it is not going to be long before you see solid results as I have shown above. This will allow you to build your list, get referrals in UTB because many people need help building their existing TW accounts, and eventually new Trafficwave referrals too when people realise the potential of using both these wonderful platforms together. Don’t forget you will also be setting yourself up towards making regular recurring monthly commissions from both.

When you have referrals in UTB, they are going to be getting all of the above too, as well as commissions so they will be happy to stay and you are going to get paid for that!

For all those wishing to make money from home with Trafficwave as the foundation, UTB is definitely going to make that much easier. It has removed the biggest challenge that many TW marketers face. It has realistically opened up the possibility of getting solid longterm growth and income from one of the Internets top online businesses today. Are you ready to take action and get in on this too?


take action and join trafficwave universal team build today


What else is there to do?

You will be building your list with all the UTB subscribers coming into your autoresponder through your squeeze pages. Communicate with them by sending out a friendly broadcast. Give them something of value, something that can help them. Perhaps even tell them what you are doing that is working for you. This can go a long way to building a team who trust you and are happy to follow what you are doing in the future.  🙂


If you liked this post, and are new to making money online or are looking to earn extra online income, please check out my other post on Make money online with Trafficwave For Profit.

See how this team is being built with the help of Youtube videos and why I think it is the best TrafficWave team to be in. It is definitely the best way to go for people joining up for the first time.



.Universal team build









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