How to make a capture page for the TrafficWave Cloud Token campaign

How to make a capture page for the TrafficWave Cloud Token campaign

How to make a capture page for the TrafficWave Cloud Token campaign

Watch The Training Video

In this tutorial, you will see how you can make a simple, but fairly stylish and eye catching capture page. This demonstration shows the process of making a page that is suitable for use with your TrafficWave letter series campaign promoting Cloud Token. TrafficWave For Profit (TWFP) team leader Chase Swift has made these available to all team members in the TWFP Facebook group.

This page (and others) was made on the platform 'Lead Page Plus'. It is important to note that this platform has a number of paid programs inside that you can join and pay for so as to make commissions from if you choose to. This is optional - You can use this service completely free and can have up to five capture pages hosted for you here!

You can join Lead Page Plus by clicking the banner.

You can watch the video below for the best understanding of how it all works and then you can refer to the simple steps overview below that.


If you haven't joined Cloud Token yet, or would like to learn more, be sure to check out the main post here - How to make money online with Cloud Token Wallet You can just jump straight to the Teambuild section of that post where you can see many more promotional resources available to our members.

join our cloud token teambuild

Alternatively, you may also wish to check out the landing page Get Started With Cloud Token Wallet Today! (This landing page is also available for members of our Cloud Token team to have embedded with their own links - contact your sponsor for details).

This is a golden opportunity for earning online and one that is perfect to build simultaneously alongside TW. We now have such a lot in the way of promotional resources available to you to help you to build a team and potentially, a substantial income stream from this.

How to make the Cloud Token capture page


The simple steps to make your own Cloud Token capture page

Step 1:

Complete the signup process by clicking on the banner. Once you have logged in to the Lead page plus (LPP) backoffice, you will some program popups. They will try to get you to join so as to earn commissions from them by actively promoting LPP. You can quickly bypass these as you CAN definitely use this as a free member and have up to five capture pages (paid members are allowed fifty).

Make a Cloud Token capture page

Step 2:

Click on PAGES and then NEW PAGES and it will take you to this page you see below where you will enter in the Sharecode - C-9UDHsNk - being careful to enter it exactly! If you are sure it's right, click the button 'Create Capture Page'.


How to make a Cloud Token capture page for TrafficWave


Step 3:

Next, you will click on PAGES, and then CAPTURE PAGES which will take you to see a list of your current pages. NOTE: At this stage you probably just have one page listed called Time And Financial Freedom. This is where you can click on EDIT to go through all of the information. You will need to put in YOUR INFORMATION.

How to make a Cloud token capture page

Step 4:

You can choose the title you want, and you can also put in the URL for where you want prospects to go to after they have opted-in. You'll need to put in your autoresponder (TrafficWave) and the name of the campaign list where you want the prospects to go to. Don't forget to click update after making any changes on the page!


And that is pretty much it. It is always a good idea to go to the capture page and enter a test name and an alternate email address so that you can test everything out and make sure it is all working as it should be.

Optional - Last Step:

You could repeat the process by going back to PAGES, then NEW PAGE and entering in the Sharecode again. Once this 'second' page has been created, go in to edit the details. you can give it another name and even edit the wording on the form. As you will see in the video, you are able to choose from a number of stylish background images from LPP. You also can use your own image if you like. You can join a site called Imgur (.) com and then you can upload your image into your 'library' there. Click on the image and on the right hand side of it, you will see the direct link. Copy this link and this is what you will paste into the appropriate box to show your own image in the background. Again, don't forget to click the update button if you make any changes.



Get Started With Cloud Token - Popular Posts


How To Activate The JARVIS AI And Start Earning Cloud Token

How To Activate The JARVIS AI And Start Earning Cloud Token

How To Activate The JARVIS AI And Start Earning Cloud Token


How to activate the Jarvis AI

This guide walks you through the steps you need to take after you have finished depositing Bitcoin or one of the other supported cryptocurrencies. Currently your ‘Cloud Token Superwallet’ supports nine of them, including Cloud Token (CTO).

The othes are Etherium (ETH), Tether (USDT - a stablecoin pegged to the USD), Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), TrueUSD (TUSD - another stablecoin pegged to the USD) and Dogecoin (DOGE). So once you have chosen what crypto you want to deposit and have completed that step, here's what to do next.


How To Activate The JARVIS AI And Start Earning Cloud Token

Activate the Jarvis AI to start earning

After you have finished depositing Bitcoin or your other chosen cryptocurrency from the list of those supported, it should show up in your ‘Cloud Token Superwallet.’ You should remember sometimes this can take an hour or two for the transaction to be verified, so don't panic. You should see a 'Deposit' has been made in the specific wallet for the crypto you sent. (The 'Participate' and 'Fee' transactions as shown in the screenshot occur AFTER you have activated Jarvis AI. For this example we are using BTC).

Once you see a completed 'Deposit' of your chosen cryptocurrency,  you then need to 'activate' the Jarvis AI using the following steps.

How to activate the Jarvis AI.

1. First of all, tap on circle icon 'Projects' on the main screen of Cloud Token.

How To Activate The JARVIS AI And Start Earning Cloud Token
How To Activate The JARVIS AI And Start Earning Cloud Token

2. Tap on the Jarvis AI image and then review and agree to the terms (see the screenshot).

Note: There is a 8% charge if you decide to withdraw your chosen crypto from Jarvis within the first 30 days. This amount is subject to changes in the future. There are zero fees for withdrawal after the initial 30 day period.

3. Tap on the cryptocurrency wallet you funded and it will look for your available cryptocurrency. (The screenshot to the right shows the maximum of BTC added to Jarvis AI.) The cryptocurrency amounts will show 0.00000000 until you tap the currency (not shown in the screenshot).

4. Tap 'Max' to put the maximum amount of of your chosen crypto into Jarvis AI. There is a tiny fee. (The screenshot to the side shows the adding of BTC)

5. Click proceed.

How To Activate The JARVIS AI And Start Earning Cloud Token
How To Activate The JARVIS AI And Start Earning Cloud Token

6. You will see a message your request to participate has been sent. Once your participation request has been sent, it can take a little time to be confirmed.

They state that from when your participation request has been accepted to when you start to seeing earnings come into your wallet can take 24 - 48 hours.

You know Jarvis AI is working when you see the amount you activated on the screenshot to the right. (In this screenshot, 0.49937911 BTC is actively earning beginning April 27, 2019. The value of USD $3908.87 will vary as the price of Bitcoin certainly varies each day.)

Summary: Click to add cryptocurrency to the project to participate. Swipe left to remove your participation in the JARVIS project.

How To Activate The JARVIS AI And Start Earning Cloud Token

Thats all there is to it.

You now know all you need to on How To Activate The JARVIS AI And Start Earning Cloud Token. It could be handy to bookmark this post in case you need it again in the future or you may wish to use it to help a friend you refer to get started.

You can of course make another deposit at any time, in whatever crypto you wish to use to increase your daily earnings. It is recommended to put in at least $600 value of your chosen cryptocurrency to allow for price volatility. It pays to be mindful that the value of your deposit in JARVIS doesn't fall below $500 or your earning will halt.

Please keep in mind if you have any issues whatsoever about getting set up or funding your account, the best and easiest way to find a solution is in our Facebook group. If you are struggling to get funded in crypto and get started as you have never done this before, dont worry! We have worked out solutions for many of our members as we do for most things. To join the group, click the banner below and you need to complete the simple questions to get access.


Feel free to check out our other posts on Cloud Token and share them with your friends or 'your team' too!

Get Started With Cloud Token Today!

Get Started With Cloud Token Today!









Get started with Cloud Token



Watch This Short Video That Explains Everything Now

Get Started With Cloud Token

See How To Get Your Own Landing Page Like This For Free (Details At The Bottom)

Getting Started With Cloud Token Wallet

Available For Apple And Android Mobile Devices Only

Scan The QR Code Or Go To Cloudtokenwallet.Com

Choose The Version For Your Device And Click 'Create Account'.

NOTE: Apple users may need to adjust their settings to allow the app to successfully download. Go to ->Settings->General->Device Management --> Click on YFC Technologies and click trust


Copy And Paste Your Sponsor's Referral Code:



Much more detailed, step by step instructions on Getting Started with Cloud Token Wallet, how to install the app, backup your important security information and how to deposit some crypto can be seen on our team page. Click the button to open a new window. But please use your sponsor's referral code above to join though, so you can qualify for the team marketing benefits at the bottom of this page.


How to get started with cloud token

Detailed Instructions

Our step by step instructions make it very quick and easy to get set up and earning

What Is Cloud Token And How To Share This App

You Dont Have To Share To Earn.. But The Rewards Are HUGE!

In this video, team leader Chase Swift shows the Cloud Wallet Token app in action. You get to see how it all works, the various features and functions and a great overview of how it makes the money from crypto arbitrage.

Cloud Token Has The Potential To Rise 100X In Value.

Now IS EXACTLY The Right Time To Get In On This!


Get Started With Cloud Token Wallet

How to transfer bitcoin into your cloud token wallet

Simple, Easy To follow Instructions Make This A Piece Of Cake

How to transfer bitcoin into your cloud token wallet. Chase Swift does an expert job of demonstrating how easy it is to transfer whichever of the supported cryptocurrencies you wish to use. Transferring any kind of crypto can be a challenging task, especially if you are a bit new to all of this. The simple, step by step instructions shown in the video 'how to transfer bitcoin into your cloud token wallet' will have you thinking this is a piece of cake!

Now IS EXACTLY The Right Time To Get In On This!

How To Join Our Cloud Token Wallet Team

Get Your Own Landing Page Like This One To Help You Build A Team

Keep in mind, you don't have to share Cloud Token Wallet (CTW) with anyone to make money with it. Just having a wallet app on your phone and being able to earn about ~10% monthly (~0.33% daily) returns on your crypto you hold there is pretty cool by itself. But I'm sure you will be even more amazed at how good the rewards plan is and how well you could do from it just by sharing it with one or two people.

Every person you directly refer and who put in at least $500 worth of crypto into the JARVIS AI ($600 recommended), you will be paid a 100% matching bonus on their earnings! Lets say for example you refer John. John sees the great earning potential in CTW and loves the idea of passive income. So he deposits $1,000 worth of crypto and as a result, he earns about $100 a month paid to him in Cloud Tokens (average earnings range from 8% to 12% a month). That means you will also earn a $100 monthly matching bonus. This is paid out to you in CLOUD token, daily, over the course of the month.

As you can see, this could quickly add up if you share even with a couple of friends.

Now we know its not always easy for people to know how to go about promoting or trying to build a team. So we have made it easy for you.

Here's what we are offering you to help you build a team.

You can get a landing page like this one - Hosted free.

Your Landing page will be placed on the team rotator and will receive free hits

You can get a simple email template with embedded explainer video links to share - saves you the time of explaining

You get access to a team Youtube playlist of all you need to know on Cloud Token

You can soon get an autoresponder letter series and capture page setup (being done now)


How to qualify and take advantage of all of this

First of all, you will see the name of your potential sponsor and their referral code on this page above and below. Join cloud token using their referral code.

Referral Code   0175242845

Next, join our team's Facebook group. When joining you'll be asked who referred you, so use their name.

Once you have done these things, you can email your sponsor, introduce yourself and tell them your User ID (which is a 16 digit number - it could be your future credit card number). They can then verify you are in their downline and they can pass on your details - name and referral code number to the team leader to have your page built.



Remember, you can join Cloud Token Wallet for FREE. You can also join us in our Facebook group for tool tips and support completely FREE too! Getting Started With Cloud Token Wallet is easy and it allows you to check everything out at your own pace!



Join Our Cloud Token Wallet Team For Free Marketing Tools And Assistance

Open post

What Is Cloud Token And How To Share This App

What is Cloud Token and how to share this app

How To Make Money Online With Cloud Token Wallet App


What is Cloud Token and how to share this app

The Cloud Token wallet is actually an app you run on your phone that can get you paid daily just for holding your own Bitcoin or cryptocurrency in it! You follow some simple steps to install it to your phone, iPhone or Android, deposit some crypto of your choice and switch on the software. That's it! From that point on you then get to enjoy passive income! Daily earnings will kick in around 24 to 48 hours after activation. Members are getting around 0.33% a day, which works out to be more or less ~10% or more every month. The great thing here for peace of mind is that this is all while you keep complete control of your funds! Your funds in the super wallet are liquid at all times. This means the cloud tokens you earn daily are available to you to exchange into Etherium (ETH) and transfer out to another wallet whenever you wish.


Team leader Chase Swift shares some valueable information on how best to share Cloud Token Wallet

Getting started in Cloud Token Wallet

Cloud token app on a phone

Getting started in Cloud Token Wallet

The actual process for how to make money online with Cloud Token centres around completing a few important but basically straight forward steps.

For the first step, you will need to go to their website at cloudtokenwallet . com and select the right type of software for your smartphone, depending on whether it’s an iPhone or an Android. From there you can follow the basic instructions to install it.Once you have installed it, you then need to have a look at the guide to see how to get your account funded with at least $550 of cryptocurrency of your choice. This is the recommended minimum to avoid any issues as you willl see below.

The JARVIS AI trading software needs a deposit value of at least $500 to activate and work for you earning daily passive returns. It’s recommended to deposit the extra fifty dollars because of the constant fluctuations in crypto prices on the exchanges. If the value of the crypto in your account falls below $500 (your initial deposit), the Jarvis AI trading software will stop and you won’t be earning anything.

So that’s an overview of the set up steps on how to get started with cloud token wallet. The only other thing to remember is after you have funded your wallet app, you will see that daily earnings will definitely start around twenty four to forty eight hours later. You can see a completely detailed step by step guide of these steps in the How To Make Money Online With Cloud Token post which you can use as a visual reference too.




How To Share Cloud Token Wallet


Strategy for building Cloud token app

As mentioned earlier, you're able to build daily passive income while importantly having the security of being able to take your money (cryptocurrency) out whenever you want to.

However though, it is recommended to initially hold onto your cloud token (HODL as they say) as the current low price of it is only around 37 cents per token. It has recently risen after the official launch of the platform where it was 30 cents. It is expected to rise considerably as more users join in and the profits generated grow. The team behind this lead by Ronald Aai have a lot of cutting edge technology which will soon come into play should help drive platform growth considerably. this in turn will help increase the token value. Team leaders are aware of all of this and that's why they are focussing on accumulating as much as they can, as early as they can. They see the potential profits to be made and are sharing ways for members who wish to be more active than passive to do the same.

As the CTO token price reaches different milestones, some leaders have a plan to withdraw some tokens, for example at $1, $2, $5 or even $10. These significant price points could be where you exchange some of your CTO for ETH (or BTC which will be available to do soon) and enter another lot or deposit into the Jarvis AI software to compound. This is where crypto compounding crypto for you is really powerful. When you start doing this, you will see you earnings percentage increase and a marked increase in the daily CTO returns.


Share cloud token with friends to increase your daily passive income.


How To Share Cloud Token Wallet To Increase Earnings


How to share Cloud Token Wallet to increase earnings

As you probably are aware by now, CTW is a very easy means to earn money online because it can be a totally passive income for you. You simply just get the software set up on your device, get it funded and you’ll continue to earn 24/7 each day without needing to do anything. You do not even have to log in to the app every day to check it out (although that's most of the fun, isn't it?). It will just continue building up CTO (cloud tokens) which are going to be increasing in value frequently as more and more people sign up with as this great app.

The big thing here though is that simply by choosing to be pro-active and sharing this opportunity with a couple of people or friends who want to make money online too, your money making potential rises substantially.

Cloud token rewards program overview

It's important to keep in mind you receive a matching bonus of 100% of what your referrals make each month. For instance, if they put in $1000 dollars, and they make about 10% each month, this will be around $100. You will make $100 dollars as well! As an exercise, that number of dollars and multiply it by how many friends or people you would like to refer. You would receive this matching bonus from them throughout the month, spread out in the daily payments. This is paid to you in CTO, which most certainly has the possibility to appreciate substantially. Are you seeing the big opportunity you have here?


One of the best things you could do to begin sharing this very lucrative and exciting opportunity is to join our facebook group. The leaders freely share the latest tips and resources to help everyone share this successfully in here. Obviously with the current low value of cloud token, now is the perfect time to be promoting this as much as you can. If you manage to build even a small team of individuals who want to promote this too, you are going to be able to accumulate a lot more CTO in a shorter space of time (at a lower price early on).

Our main facebook group focussed on building CTO is this one.

Bitcoin opportunity with Chase Swift.


We also have another FB group for Trafficwave For Profit (TWFP) members. Our Trafficwave team builds both these fantastic money makers in tandem. There will soon be a lot more done-for-you marketing tools available to members for free. These will include capture and landing pages, complete letter series or campaigns, banners and email templates. Of course you also get access to many instructional and informational youtube videos from team leader Chase and other leaders in the group, such as the ones you see on this website. If you just came here to look at Cloud Token, that's fine but you may wish to check out the many advantages of building CTW with the assistance of our TWFP team.Check out Make money online with Trafficwave For Profit and Cloud Token for more info.


Our Trafficwave For Profit facebook group is this one.

Trafficwave for Profit facebook group.


Another important but in some cases underestimated way to share this is to have a sit down with someone you know, one on one. Take a little time with them explaining briefly and to the point on what you are doing. You could show them this post - How to make money online with cloud token wallet app as it is very complete, covering all major aspects of it. It also was purposely made to be visually engaging with a lot of youtube type videos to help them quickly see and understand what is involved in this opportunity. Again, you don't have to spend a lot of time with them at this point. Just give them an overview of things, show them the post and give them a way to get back to it to consume the information in their own time. So you would email them the link to the post or if you are viewing it on their device, make sure they bookmark the link. Then, before too long, you would get back to them and ask what they thought about and if they are keen, do they need any help to get started.


The Key Points in CTW:

  • No lock in period, no monthly fees, no contracts, no membership or packages to buy.
  • You simply deposit about $550 in crypto (recommended) into this wallet and activate Jarvis to earn.
  • Earn around 0.3% daily, usually around 10% a month.
  • Marketing tools available to help you share with others (optional, not necessary to earn).
  • Doesn't rely on mining, works in a bear or bull market as there are always price differences.
  • We have a facebook support group for any questions you may have.
  • Well respected industry leaders and innovators are backing and invested in this


Sharing Cloud Token Wallet


As mentioned earlier, we have a lot of shared resources available for you in our facebook groups. What you may or may not be aware of is that you are reading this post on 'our Trafficwave For Profit (TWFP)' team website. Members of this team build Trafficwave downlines and income alongside Cloud Token. This is a good arrangement as there are a few ways to leverage the fantastic tools available to generate leads efficiently and build these faster. New posts are being added all the time to help educate and benefit members in their online marketing of CT and TW, so check in occasionally.

This landing page is available for our Cloud Token downline members use. Contact your sponsor if you would like one made with your links and information embedded.

Get started with Cloud Token Today

Click to open in a new Tab.

This new capture page is available to those paid members who are in Trafficwave team. It will have your TW username and campaign ID as it connects to the new letter series that team leader Chase Swift has produced for all of us to use. You can get access to the letters in the TWFP Facebook group. There are instructional videos to help set everything up. The great thing to remember here is you get to build a list while marketing Cloud Token and TW through the informational letters you are sneding out. The pairing of these two businesses is perfect!

Click to open in a new Tab.



This last way of sharing is by an email template you'll see between the double lines below that I send out to new prospects. It would probably be better to send to 'a warm list' or people you have at least emailed a few times and have tried to give value too as they will be more receptive to this. If you are a Gmail user, you can create a 'canned response' that will enter this entire email for you at the click of a button. Feel free to copy and replace your CTW affiliate ID or any other part of it that you wish to, to personalize more. Darrell.





Welcome to learning about a free app that you can download to your iOS or Android smartphone and/or tablet that can generate ~10% monthly returns.

My team leader, online marketing mentor and friend Chase Swift was contacted by his longtime friend, Daniel Butts who he has known since 2009 ( they started TrafficWave for Profit together). Daniel told Chase about this new cryptocurrency wallet and he immediately said 'no,' but a day later he clicked on the link in Daniel's email, he soon realized he was wrong! He came to the conclusion that this is very real and is a dream come true as you will see! He is an experienced marketer, so he didn't come to this decision lightly. As a result we are confidently building CTW side by side with our Trafficwave business which is a rock and has been online for over 19 years!

Cloud Token Wallet (CTW) is an app for your phone or tablet that will actually pay it's members to hold cryptocurrency in this wallet. They have the technology to buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies from multiple exchanges (39). They have the ability to complete trades by buying low and selling high much faster than is humanly possible. For example, you can log onto (the largest crypto exchange in the world) and another cryptocurrency exchange like and often see quite a significant price difference of between $70-$100 or even more for Bitcoin.

CTW can generate the funds to pay these monthly returns of about 10% by trading between the price discrepancies in Bitcoin ( and other cryptos) on various exchanges. This is what is commonly known as 'arbitrage'. This video below explains the opportunity very well. I am of course here for you to answer any additional questions you may have.

https ://

Below are the steps to join me with the Cloud Token Wallet opportunity. It is 100% free to join and check out and you don't even enter any personal information! These simple steps will get you to add this 'wallet' app to your smartphone, and in some cases to a tablet such as a newer iPad (not all iPad models will work, most new ones should). I have seen the app on a new iPad Pro and it works perfectly!

First, go to and choose either the App Store (iOS) or Google Play / Android depending on your model of phone and follow the instructions. If you already know how to scan a 'QR' code like you see below, you can scan the code with your smartphone/tablet below and it will take you directly to the CTW website.


Use this ID code to join: 0175242845.

There are also an easy to follow visual installation tutorial here on this website.

Get prepared ahead of joining Cloud Token Wallet. - You need to securely store this information for your protection.

Print this section of the email out and create and enter in your own Login and Payment PIN. Cloud Token will generate your Login ID and Mnemonic Phrase during the 3-5 minute joining process.You wont have to enter any other personal information. The Mnemonic Phrase is your backup login in case you ever lose your Login PIN and password. Your heirs will also need all this information, so please write it down and store securely as you see best.

Login PIN: ______________ (Please use 8 or more characters with a mix of letters and numbers. Include at least 1 number and one lowercase letter and one UPPERCASE letter)

Payment PIN: ____________ (Please use 6-digits; all numbers)
Mnemonic Phrase: (write down the 12-word Cloud Token phrase that is generated for you)

__________ __________ __________ __________ __________ __________


__________ __________ __________ __________ __________ __________

(12-word backup phrase, must be entered in the correct order)


Login ID: ______ ______ ______ ______
(This will also serve as your soon-to-come debit card 16-digit number, if you want one. It will be already generated for you)

Also, write in YOUR 10-digit Referral Code after completing everything else for convenience: __________
(tap on the 3 lines on the top left of the home screen and your debit card and Referral Code will be shown on the resulting screen. Share this code with whoever you know that would like to earn just from storing cryptocurrency in a Cloud Token wallet!)

Consider downloading Google Authenticator for additional security for withdrawals. See more in the ‘Settings’ in the Cloud Token menu from the three-lines on the top-left of the app home page. You will need another smartphone and/or tablet to complete this additional step for security.

Lastly, consider how powerful it is to share this CTW email with others. It is very rewarding to do so! Essentially you would be leveraging other people's cryptocurrency to build even more passive income for you! Show your app to people and then follow up with them by sending this email. Make sure you replace your CTW referral ID in this email first.

You will need my CTW referral ID which is 0175242845.

You can see it doesn't require you to enter any personal information. It is indeed a powerful cryptocurrency wallet that currently holds 8 cryptocurrencies:
Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Etherium (ETC), Litecoin (LTC), Dogecoin (DOGE), Tether (USDT), TrueUSD (TUSD) and Cloud Token (CTO).



So that's it. I hope that has addressed any questions you may have had around What is Cloud Token and how to share this app.

Again. I would strongly suggest you join our facebook group(s) for all of the latest updates on how to share this. We have a lot of new tools and systems coming very soon to help us in spreading the word efficiently on this wonderful opportunity.

Remember, you could always just share this website and its posts which will continue to be updated with more relevant information as time goes on. Just be sure to give people you introduce to this site YOUR referral code when they go through the signup process. You always have the option of building Trafficwave alongside Cloud Token Wallet for an extra source of longterm passive income too. We would be happy to have you on the team.

Trafficwave For Profit



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Trafficwave For Profit One Time Payment Business System

Trafficwave For Profit $17.95 One Time Payment Business System

Be Sure To Choose The Paid Membership Option When Signing Up.

You Can Then Get A Page Like This To Help You.

Your Sponsor:  Darrell

Build Residual Income By Referring Three Friends



* TrafficWave (TW) is a $17.95 monthly subscription but this is how we are making it a one-time payment. When you refer someone, you receive a 100% commission Fastrack bonus of $17.95. This effectively pays for your first subscription. When you have all three members on your first level, you receive $18 ($6 each) in monthly residual income. Congratulations! Your membership is free from there and your income has potential to build considerably. This becomes more apparent when you help your three find their three and duplication kicks into gear!

'Get Three and your TrafficWave is FREE!'

* You can join our Facebook support group for extra tips, ideas or any help you may need.

* You get a Trafficwave For Profit $17.95 One Time Payment Business System page like his one to help you promote. (NOTE: Promotional Webpages Available to paid team members only.)

* Your page link is added to the team rotator until you are showing three in your downline.

* You get access to all of our team tools and training (including comprehensive Youtube traffic training).

* You get to learn about marketing, teambuilding and so much more from our very experienced team leaders who have been doing this for many years.* You Get support from the get go - you will receive a welcome email from your sponsor showing you your simple steps to take to get up to speed and running quickly.



Make Money Online With Trafficwave For Profit

Be Sure To Choose The Paid Membership Option When Signing Up.

You Can Then Get A Page Like This To Help You.

Your Sponsor:  Darrell

The Trafficwave Affiliate Plan

A Brief Look At The Earning Potential With TrafficWave


Trafficwave affiliate plan

The above chart is shown for educational purposes and gives you an idea of what could be possible per month. Keep in mind your income will depend solely upon your efforts and level of skill in promoting, following up, and developing leaders within your team. The more effective you are at referring customers and building a team, the more you will be able to earn online income with Trafficwave For Profit.

Trafficwave For Profit One Time Payment Business System

Earn Online Income With TrafficWave For Profit - Get Started Today!

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Splash Pages That Earn For TrafficWave Members In Multiple Ways

Splash Pages That Earn For TrafficWave Members In Multiple Ways

Get Referrals, Commissions And Massive Amounts Of Advertising Credits Fast

The Splash Pages you see listed here on this post are available to benefit all of our TrafficWave For Profit (TWFP) members in multiple ways. They are designed to advertise a specific traffic source, such as a traffic exchange, a safelist/mailer or other promotional website that is very good in promoting our TrafficWave links.

They work for us in multiple ways like this - you send traffic to them. You may get a referral as a result because it can have YOUR referral link for that advertised site embedded into it. You can then potentially benefit further from your new downline member upgrading in that program as you will earn a commission. Your TWFP downline should join these programs using your referral link where possible so as everyone gets to benefit.

If you look a little further down on the splash pages, you will see one or two advertising boxes which are usually text or banners. You are credited on those networks (if you belong to them) each time your page gets a visit. This is basically how we are getting to benefit multiple times from one page visit.


Note: To really get a massive boost with your advertising, these splash pages are suitable to send traffic to, from what i refer to as the Basic Traffic Source For Splash Pages. You should read that post to understand how taking a little time initially to set things up can pay off handsomely in the longrun in generating very large numbers of advertising credits for you.

The more relevant information needed for here is on the lower half of that post. I would recommend watching the video 'Basic Traffic Source For GDI Splash Pages' for a good overview (Disregard the GDI part in the title. The traffic is suitable for many kinds of splash pages and perfect for all of these ones).


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